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No-Fuss Before and After Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of the biggest and most loved holidays in the United States. It even surpasses Christmas in popularity. It’s easy to see why. Christmas has religious overtones that many Americans don’t follow or understand. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is about sitting down for a good meal with family and friends.

Millions look forward to the camaraderie and the food coma. You might not be feeling it if you’re the host of this year’s shindig. It’s no mean feat to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and make sure your home is clean and ready to receive guests.

There is a secret to surviving Thanksgiving as the host, and it is to prepare well ahead of time. Check out these before and after cleaning tips Thanksgiving. They’ll make this year’s Turkey Day fun and memorable.

Things to Do Before Thanksgiving

  • Start making plans. Look at Thanksgiving as an event, which it is actually. The secret to any successful event is a good plan. So think about what your menu will be, the seating arrangement, and the decor if any.
  • Deal with your outdoor space. Allot one day or afternoon to rake leaves and clear the porch. It’s also a good time to put out any outdoor furniture you might have.
  • Deep clean the bathroom. No one blinks at a bit of dirt on the floor. But a dirty toilet will put a damper on the celebrations. So scrub the toilet and sink. Clean the shower stall and mop the bathroom floor.
  • Clean areas your guests will visit. You don’t need to do extensive house cleaning. It’s not worth the stress and effort. Focus your attention on the spaces your visitors will use. This means the foyer, dining room, and living room.
  • Make space for coats. You should have a dedicated space for coats, bags, and the like. Clear out your hall closet if you have one. You can also pick one room to stash their belongings.
  • Wash everything you’ll be using for the dinner party. You want to wash the linens and napkins two weeks before the party. Meanwhile, wash the utensils, serving dishes, and glassware a week before Thanksgiving.
  • Clean the fridge and oven. Get rid of all those old bottles and boxes in the refrigerator. You need a lot of space for the food you’re cooking. Clean your stove and oven in preparation.

Tasks the Day Before and During Thanksgiving

  • Do last-minute touch-ups. Do a quick vacuum and dusting of the rooms you’re using. It shouldn’t be too dirty since you have already cleaned the previous weeks.
  • Set the table. It’s best to do this the night before Thanksgiving. It will give you more time to arrange the table setting to your heart’s content.
  • Check the bathroom. Make sure there are fresh towels and a full soap dispenser. Give the mirror and sink a quick wipe-down. You can also add some homey touches, like a vase of flowers or some wax melts.
  • Deal with the trash. Take out the trash before the party starts. Sanitize the trash can and put a clean bag in it.

After Thanksgiving Cleanup

  • Store leftovers. Do this as soon as you can. It ensures the food doesn’t spoil. It also makes it easier to clear the table.
  • Get help with the table. Ask someone who knows their way around your home for help. They can put away some stuff in their proper place. Put someone on garbage duty while another can bring the dishes to the sink.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Holiday

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