Best Office Cleaning Schedule to Follow to Reduce COVID Risk

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Companies are encouraging their employees to return to the office. The invitation to return isn’t as simple as it seems though. Many workers have embraced remote work and are reluctant to give that up. A large number are still wary about the risks of catching COVID at work.

There’s no denying that the pandemic has changed how we work. It’s why companies are developing various back-to-work strategies. Some of these methods aim to entice workers to go back to working in-company headquarters. Others are ideas on how to do a hybrid work setup.

One strategy companies are using is a more extensive office cleaning schedule. This new setup has to incorporate the safety measures recommended by the CDC. It’s the best way to ensure every employee is always protected against the coronavirus.

Why Companies Need a Different Cleaning Strategy

Office cleaning isn’t about making a good impression anymore. It’s also more than keeping employees motivated and productive. People’s lives and health are also at stake.

The coronavirus is an airborne virus. It can land on any surface and survive there for 28 days. Any person who touches that surface can transfer the virus. It can be to themselves or another individual. Vaccination helps reduce the odds. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID.

The CDC recommends regular hand washing. The organization also requires that every surface is always cleaned. It’s why companies should have a regular COVID 19 corona virus sanitizing schedule.

Tasks to Put on Your Daily Cleaning Schedule

Employees can also do some of the cleaning tasks. Others will need professional cleaners. Every employee should be in charge of cleaning and sanitizing their cubicle. They should make sure to clean high-touch items every day. For example, keyboards and electronic devices. It’s also best to include reminders to wash their hands often.

Kitchen and Pantry. The cleaning schedule includes emptying the garbage and placing new liners. This will reduce pests and unwanted odors. Sinks and counters should become wiped and disinfected. So should the tables and chairs. Appliances like the microwave and coffee maker should also become clean every day.

Reception and Waiting Area. People often congregate in these spaces. It’s why it’s vital that they’re presentable and clean. After all, first impressions linger. That’s the only thing you want to linger on here. The coronavirus should have no place here.

One way to make sure is to empty and clean the trash cans daily. Dust or wipe down every piece of furniture and equipment. Wipe and disinfect high-touch surfaces like chair arms and door knobs. Vacuum or sweep the floors.

Staff Bathrooms and Public Toilets. Every bathroom in the office should become cleaned daily. A cleaning crew should do bathroom rounds several times a day. These rooms are the most at risk for germs and bacteria. They should clean and disinfect all the toilets and urinals. Sinks and countertops should receive the same treatment.

Stall handles and door knobs are high-touch items. These are then wiped clean and disinfected several times per shift. Wipe clean mirrors and other glass surfaces. The floor should become mopped as well. Disinfecting it should be the last task.

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