Best Ways to Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Waste Baskets

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If you’re asked what the most used item is in your kitchen, what would you say? There’s a good chance you would say the microwave, oven, or coffee pot. It’s close, but no. Kitchen waste baskets are the things we use the most in the kitchen. There isn’t a day when you don’t throw something in the trash.

The irony is we often forget to clean waste baskets. The only time we’re prompted to clean them is when they’re starting to smell. You also won’t notice them if you didn’t see flies or ants flocking to the trash can.

That’s a big disservice to one of the most hardworking items in the home. You also don’t need to spend hours cleaning waste containers. You only need an hour at the most to clean and disinfect trash cans.

Why Cleaning Kitchen Waste Baskets is Essential

Keeping their trash bins clean doesn’t make sense to many people. Most believe you don’t need to wash or disinfect them since they’re built to hold trash and waste anyway. Wrong! There are a few important reasons to clean wastebaskets.

  • It keeps you healthy. A clean trash bin will lower the chances of bacteria breeding in your kitchen. Many people think nothing about throwing containers that contained dressed chicken. But it’s the ideal breeding ground for salmonella or listeria. That and other germs can transfer to your hand when you bring the trash can out.
  • Keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Juices from rotting fruit or leftovers can seep from the garbage bag into the bin. The smell could remain even after you throw away the trash bag. That odor can spread from your kitchen to the rest of your home. Cleaning the waste basket will ensure no offensive smells remain.
  • You won’t need to deal with flies and maggots. Nothing tells people space is dirty than the buzzing of flies. Throw in some squirming maggots and you have one gross problem. A quick wash and spray of disinfectant will solve this issue before it gets out of hand.

Easy to Follow Instructions for Cleaning Kitchen Waste Baskets

Scrubbing a dirty trash can is unappealing to many homeowners. But it’s also an important part of every house cleaning schedule. It’s fortunate that cleaning waste baskets isn’t rocket science. The steps to a spotless trash bin are simple to follow.

· Get Everything Ready

It’s best practice to prepare all the materials you need before starting a cleaning project. You don’t need any special equipment for this simple chore. You will need a pair of good rubber gloves, a scrub brush, and disinfectant spray. You also need a hose if you plan of cleaning the trash cans outdoors. But if you are short on space, your bathroom or bathtub will do.

· Put on Your Gloves

Trash cans can be a cesspool of germs. You don’t want them to get on your hands and under your fingernails. Sturdy rubber gloves will protect your hands.

· Empty the Trash Bin

You need to clear the trash can before you clean it. Empty it out and bring the trash bags out. Check out the bottom of the bin. Remove any food particles or remaining waste. You don’t have to bother with the slime on the corners or edges yet. You want to get the big pieces of gunk out.

· Wash the Container

Hose down the trash can. It would be great if you can do this outside. But you can also do this in the shower or your bathtub. Make sure you also clean up and disinfect these spaces once you’re done with the trash bins.

Get some paper towels or old clothes or towels. Pat the bins dry.

· Spray with Disinfectant

Spray the inside and outside of the waste basket with a good disinfectant. Make sure you also spray the cover and the bottom of the bin.

You can also go the extra mile and get rid of any remaining smell. You can do this by sprinkling the bin with baking soda. Let it stand for five to ten minutes.

· Give It a Thorough Scrubbing

Give the trash can a vigorous and thorough scrubbing. Use a long-handled bristle brush. You can also use a regular toilet brush. Make sure you scrub under the lip of the can. Don’t forget to scrub the lid and the bottom of the waste bin. Let the trash bin sit for at least five minutes. This will give the cleaning solution time to work its magic.

You can use any cleaning solution or liquid dishwashing soap. You can also make your own cleaning solution. Here’s a simple recipe you can follow. Mix two cups of white vinegar and a cup of water. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap.

· Rinse Every Inch

The final step in the process is to give the wastebasket a thorough rinse. Use a hose or dunk it in your bathtub. You can air dry under the sun. The sun’s rays will also help kill any remaining bacteria. You can also pat the trash cans dry with a clean cloth or towel.

Don’t use the trash can until it’s dry. Putting a new trash bag on a damp wastebasket might cause molds to grow.

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