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The best way to disinfect and sanitize large areas

Concerned about COVID-19? The latest research shows that the virus can remain alive on surfaces in your home or office for up to five days. There is no better way to disinfect and sanitize large areas than with Electrostatic Disinfection. It is suitable for homes, business facilities, offices, day care centers, schools, churches, food service areas, apartment complexes, medical facilities, and hospitals. Electrostatic Disinfection is EPA approved for COVID-19 disinfection, killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It is non-toxic and completely safe for both children and pets.

Electrostatic Disinfection goes beyond normal cleaning

Electrostatic Disinfection goes far beyond dry or wet dusting, which may merely send particles into the air or spread them across the surfaces that are being wiped. Instead, the electrostatic disinfection process produces a fine mist of electrostatically charged non-toxic disinfection particles that cling to objects and kill the viruses and bacteria that are on them. In addition, the spray penetrates nooks and crannies that are normally difficult to clean, reaching a 50% larger surface area than regular cleaning methods and insuring that these areas are also disinfected. At the same time, the air in the room is disinfected.

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Killing viruses and bacteria on contact

Before beginning with Electrostatic Disinfection, all surfaces are washed with soap and water to remove dirt and grease. Then all surfaces are wiped with Purell no-rinse surface sanitizer, which kills Covid-19 on contact, as well as nearly all other known viruses and bacteria. This is followed by the Electrostatic Disinfection, in which the fine, disinfecting mist covers these areas other areas that cannot easily be disinfected by hand.

Electrostatic Disinfection cleans your workplace quickly and efficiently

Electrostatic Electrostatic disinfection is a quick and highly efficient way to disinfect your workplace or home whenever Covid-19 contamination is suspected. Helping Hands Cleaning Services will send our expert disinfecting staff to your location, equipped with all supplies and electrostatic disinfecting equipment, and quickly make it safe again. In no time, your office staff can be back at work and your family members home again.

Reduce cleaning time and feel safe

The Electrostatic spray and disinfection method has many other added benefits. For one thing, it reduces cleaning time. Since it is a highly effective disinfecting system, it helps your employees or family members feel safe. Electrostatic disinfection also kills other forms of the Coronavirus, SARS virus, influenza viruses, HIV virus and almost all others, as well as helping to eliminate mold and odors.

Reasonably priced for safety and peace of mind

Pricing for Electrostatic Disinfection is usually based on the square footage of the area being treated. Whether you have a small area to disinfect, or an entire building, please call us for a quote so we can help get you back to work or home again.

What You Can Expect 

90 Day Virus Protection

Our process and patented products will protect your surfaces for 90 days.

People And Pet Friendly

Your home or facility will be safe because our products are not harmful to people or pets.

Personalized Service

We will fit your schedule so our professionals do not disrupt your home or business.

Affordably Priced

We understand these are difficult times and personal and public safety should be affordable.

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