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How To Clean and Maintain Wood Floors

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Hardwood floors, which are available to match all decorating styles, will add warmth to any room. Installing hardwood floors can also increase your home’s resale value. They are easy to clean and, if properly maintained, will keep their luster for many years to come. Following the recommended cleaning tips outlined in this article should help keep your hardwood floors looking brand new.

How Often Should I Clean Wood Floors?

It will help extend the life of your floor by cleaning them as often as necessary. Here are some standard maintenance general guidelines to follow.

Dust Wood Floors Every Day

Daily sweeping or dusting the floors will remove any loose dirt. If your vacuum cleaner has a soft brush setting, you can vacuum instead of sweeping. A good practice is to clean up all spills immediately to keep the floors from becoming damaged.

Clean Wood Floors Every Week

It is essential to clean hardwood floors regularly because debris will accumulate over time. You should only use cleaners made for the type of hardwood floors you have. Using alternative cleaners may not work, and excess water can damage the floors.

Polish Wood Floors Quarterly

Polishing hardwood floors causes them to shine and helps to extend their life. For best results, make sure you dust, sweep or vacuum the floors before polishing them. Using a water-based polish every two to three months will help to restore luster and shine.

Refinish Wood Floors at Least Once Every Decade

Even if you keep up with regular maintenance, you may still will want to have someone refinish your hardwood flooring every seven to 10 years. Having the hardwood floors refinished will restore the original shine and appearance. Before having the floors refinished, make sure they are thicker than 1/4-inches, or it could do more harm than good.

What Should You Use to Clean Hardwood Floors?

A cleaner that is non-toxic, pH-neutral, and biodegradable is the best type of cleaner to use on your hardwood floors. These cleaners are also safe for the environment. You should not use any amount of vinegar to clean your hardwood floors because vinegar can damage the finish.

When polishing your floors, to keep from stripping the floor or over-cleaning it, use a water-based polish. Some recommend using a durable, urethane-based polish because it will dry fast and not leave a waxy buildup. The polish will create a protective layer that will fill in small scratches and restore the floor’s natural appearance.

Do You Care for All Types of Wood Flooring the Same Way?

Because all hardwood floors are not the same, you must be careful not to treat them the same. The manufacturers of other types of wood flooring that mimic solid hardwood floorings, such as laminate, use only a wood base. Therefore, the maintenance and care may vary slightly.

Caring for Laminate Floor

Laminate floors may look like hardwood, but they consist of a wood-based material with a layered protective plastic coating with a photographic finish.

Periodically, mop your laminate floor with a damp mop. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to dry the floor. If your laminate floor gets too wet, it could expand.

If you feel a cleaner is necessary, use one designed for laminate floors. Another option is using a homemade cleaner consisting of a small amount of water mixed with vinegar. Remember, laminate floors are not wood, so the vinegar will not damage them. However, you should not use acrylic products or bleach on laminate floors.

Caring for Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is not wood, but a grass-based manufactured floor.

You should dust or sweep bamboo floors daily so that dirt does not build up and scratch the surface of the floor. When cleaning the floors use a cleaner that is made for hardwood floors. However, you should not use vinegar, ammonia, or acidic-based cleaners.

If you have hardwood floors, call the professionals at Helping Hands Cleaning Services to help keep your wood floors and the rest of your home sparkling clean.

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