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Reasons Why Your Initial Cleaning Service Will Cost More

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Price is a significant consideration when you’re looking for a house cleaning company in Illinois. It is recommended you request quotes from several house cleaners before picking one that fits your budget.

But there’s something you should know about that price quote: It doesn’t apply to every cleaning.

No, the cleaning company isn’t trying to scam you. Many homeowners simply are surprised to learn that they will be charged more for their initial cleaning service appointment than for subsequent visits. If you continue with the service, you’ll get the price you were expecting.

But there are many good reasons why your first house cleaning costs more.

A First House Cleaning Is a Deep Cleaning

Why charge more for an initial cleaning service? First of all, your first house cleaning will be different from every other cleaning appointment. A first-time cleaning is almost always priced higher because this cleaning is a “deep cleaning” or “catch-up cleaning.”

The cleaning team will perform more cleaning tasks at this appointment in order to give your home a fresh start and establish a baseline of perfect cleanliness that makes it easier to clean your home in the future. While they will clean the usual areas of your home, they will pay more attention to the details the first time around and perform more tasks so they have a clean slate to work with later.

For example, during recurrent cleanings, your cleaning team may do more general cleaning like sanitizing shower walls, wiping down kitchen appliance exteriors, and vacuuming accessible floors. But during your first house cleaning, they also will scrub shower grout lines, clean inside appliances, and vacuum carpet edges to achieve a truly complete cleaning.

All of this detailed cleaning means more work and more supplies than is necessary at subsequent visits. You’re getting a deep house cleaning and should expect to pay a deep house cleaning cost for your initial cleaning service.

Out with the Old

In the cleaning industry, we like to say, “new dirt is easier to clean than old dirt.” It’s a simple fact that old dirt, dust and mold hang on to surfaces and are harder to remove. This is part of the reason your house cleaning service team has to work so hard the first time they visit your home.

Most families don’t clean their homes as carefully as the pros do. That’s one of the benefits of hiring a cleaning service. But that means whoever performs your professional first house cleaning faces a lot of built-up grime they have to scrub through before they can make your home really shine.

It’s also important that they eliminate this foundation of dirt before providing your recurrent services. Leaving it will make their job harder during subsequent visits when they have a limit as to what tasks they can perform.

The new dirt that your home collects throughout the week will stick to the old stuff and may not all come up when your cleaner has time constraints. Consequently, your home never really will be clean, and the quality of their services (and their reputation!) will suffer.

To get the full benefits of hiring a cleaning service and enjoying a spotless home week after week, you’ll need to pay that higher one-time house cleaning cost. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did!

Time Is Money

Much of the cost of a house cleaning service is labor. We already discussed how a first house cleaning takes more work than subsequent cleanings. Naturally, that extra work takes extra time. The deep cleaning that an initial cleaning service requires can take two to four times longer than regular cleanings, and employees need to be paid for that time.

The time it takes to deep clean your home depends on factors like how large your home is and how dirty it is. Any good house cleaning company in Illinois can give you an estimate of how much time and money your first house cleaning service requires. Across the country, an average deep house cleaning cost runs between $200 and $400.

Sometimes a cleaning company will offer a discount for a first house cleaning service, but don’t let that be your only deciding factor when selecting a cleaner. Make sure they’re a reputable company that can prove they do quality work every time no matter what they’re charging.

While some homeowners might balk at the price of their first house cleaning, it’s important to remember how vital that first cleaning is. Both you and your house cleaning service provider want amazing results every time they clean. By paying a little extra upfront, you allow them to give your home the “white glove” treatment from the very beginning and give you your money’s worth.

Let Us Do Your First House Cleaning and All the Rest

Looking for a quality house cleaning company in Illinois that’s both friendly and budget friendly? Helping Hands provides superior cleaning for the western suburbs of Chicago. Our house cleaning services are flexible and customizable to fit everyone’s needs. Pick from our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages to get the right amount of cleaning for you. We even take special requests!

Every residential cleaning service starts with a “catch-up” cleaning appointment where we perform a deep clean to remove all the old dirt in your home and create a clean slate. After your first house cleaning, you’ll continue to enjoy quality cleaning at competitive rates that keeps your home in its new, pristine condition so that your family always has a beautiful, healthy living environment.

Helping Hands clients love how we simplify their lives with excellent customer service. They rate us highly for our timeliness, thoroughness and excellent results. This is all thanks to our exceptional team of expertly trained cleaning professionals.

If that’s the kind of house cleaning service you want for your Illinois home, request a free estimate today and feel free to contact us with any questions. Helping Hands is always happy to help!

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