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Helping Hands Cleaning Services
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#1 Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide quality carpet cleaning services for your office or commercial space
OUR CARPET CLEANING PROCESS | Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Bring back your carpets’ pristine condition with our carpet cleaning service

Despite being the most used and abused surface in any building, you can keep your carpet looking good as new for years with Helping Hands’ cleaning carpet services.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service includes office spaces, lobbies, and hotels. With our state of the art equipment, we aim to improve the overall appearance, remove stains, allergens, and dirt from carpet fibers.

Dirt Removed. Carpet Restored.

Top-of-line Carpet Cleaning Solution

We are backed by state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the right carpet cleaning solution that suits your needs.

Over 10 Years Experience in Professional Carpet Cleaning

We are trusted leaders in the industry. Our years of experience in various establishments show in our professional carpet cleaning services.


Top Rated Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

We are the carpet cleaning service of choice because of our skilled and knowledgeable team of commercial carpet experts.

We Use Top-Grade Cleaning Products

We invest in top grade cleaning products for commercial spaces. Our cleaning experts carefully select them based on performance over the years.

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We Offer Competitive Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Our commercial carpet cleaning services are priced competitively and we make sure you get value for money. You can expect first-class cleaning services for a fraction of the cost.

We understand businesses and other establishments may require us to work after office hours. That’s understandable as we don’t want your meetings and operations to be interrupted by our services. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll come up with the perfect solution.

What To Expect From Our Commercial
Carpet Cleaning Services


  • We remove stubborn stains and spills with a pre-spray treatment. 
  • We use an EPA certified solution to extract dirt, soil, and other allergens. 
  • Using modern cleaning equipment, we achieve the best results possible for your carpet.


  • We use a protection solution to prevent damage from harmful dirt and tough spills.
  • Our carpet protector extends the life of your carpet by defending it against everyday wear & tear. 
  • Your carpets stay clean two times longer than using other cleaning & protection fluid.


  • We get rid of odors that have penetrated deep into the carpets fibers.  
  • Our neutralizing spray makes sure rotten odors are removed. 
  • Freshens up the entire space leaving your office feeling renewed. 
  • ctants.

Helping Hands is the Best
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company


Over the years, we’ve maintained the quality of our cleaning services for commercial spaces. This has earned us loyal clients and regular cleaning requests.

We encourage you to schedule regular cleaning appointments for your commercial carpets. This way, you make it easier to remove dirt and stains instead of waiting several months for deep carpet cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

✔️ We check the fiber type of your carpets and decide on the safest and most effective cleaning solution.

✔️ We carefully move furniture and appliances surrounding the area.

✔️ We apply pre-treatment and start spot removal on areas that need extra attention.

✔️ We use carpet cleaning machines for deep cleaning. Our equipment comes with an air mover so it dries within hours.

✔️ We apply soil protection to prevent serious damage on future spills and dirt.

✔️ We take a second look to make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process | Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Helping Hands Carpet Cleaning Service Do?
  • We remove visible and invisible stains
  • We restore the natural look and texture of your commercial carpets
  • We help you extend the life of your commercial carpets
  • We reduce the spread of germs, mold and bacteria
Why Hire Carpet Cleaning Companies

Hiring professionals or carpet cleaning companies to do the job for you has a lot of benefits.

  • We have the cleaning supplies that are only available to commercial carpet cleaners
  • We save you money as you only have to pay for specific cleaning services
  • Our cleaning professionals help maintain a healthy work environment
What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Commercial Carpets

Dirty carpets are more than just an eyesore. It can also lead to other health concerns. Soiled carpeting can also trigger allergies and other respiratory diseases especially for offices where your employees spend most of their time.

Remember, you are responsible for providing your staff with a safe and sound working environment. This can also affect your business’s overall productivity.

Don’t let dirty commercial carpets stop your business growth. Call Helping Hands and let us do the cleaning for you.


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