Commercial Floor Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Should Adopt

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Business owners must choose the right design components for their commercial space. This affects their brand and their workers. It’s why picking every element is always done with care.

The first thing you should consider when it comes to your office or store design is the floor. The material you use to cover your office floor should reflect your brand’s mission. Notice how five-star hotels and other high-end establishments use marble? Meanwhile, a café might use wood to bring about a cozy feel.

Well-designed floors can do wonders for your business. It can define work areas and control noise levels. It can even keep workers and customers safe. This is critical as 33% of injuries back in 2020 were due to slips and falls.

The right floor texture and color can also boost productivity. It can also enhance customer experience. But all this will only be possible if you keep your floor clean.

Cleaning the floor in stores and offices isn’t the same as cleaning the floor in your home. Here are some commercial floor cleaning tips and tricks you can use. It will make a big difference.

Make Cleanliness Part of Your Office Culture

Many companies focus so much on the job that they forgot about their surroundings. This could result in bad habits like dropping food and other items on the floor. Employees might not care about clutter or dirt on the floor. It’s because they think someone else will clean it up for them.

But an untidy workplace is a dangerous one. Materials on shiny floors can cause accidents. A customer could slip on spilled juice. Make your employees understand that keeping the office clean is everyone’s responsibility. Provide reminders around the office. Make sure there are enough trash cans and cleaning supplies for everyone’s use.

Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are the unsung heroes of commercial cleaning. These little pads can help control the dirt that goes in your establishment.

Place them at the entrance of your shop or office. It will encourage people to wipe their feet before they go in. This will remove most of the dust or dirt on their shoes before they step inside. You should ensure that these mats are always replaced and cleaned.

Invest in Anti-Scratch Items

Stains and scratches are the banes of commercial floors. It’s why office furniture and equipment shouldn’t become dragged across the floor. It’s also a good idea to place anti-scratch pads on the feet of all chairs and tables. You should also invest in thick rugs or raised pallets. Place them underneath heavy items and large plant pots. This will reduce scratches and divots. It will also prevent your floor from becoming dull.

Hire Professionals

Office cleaning is a complex thing. It’s not the same as sweeping the floors at home or wiping the kitchen table. Commercial places have safety issues and health hazards to consider. It’s why you need a professional cleaning team. They know how to meet OSHA standards. They can also tackle difficult jobs like deep cleaning carpets or air vents.

It’s also important that you schedule a good time for a cleaning team to come in. Most companies have a cleaning crew come in at night. It’s because it’s challenging to clean floors when there’s active foot traffic. They might also use special equipment like a scrubber.

Making Commercial Cleaning Simple

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