Helping Hands Cleaning Services
Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Washing

Superior results and solutions that go beyond your expectations
Expect The Highest Quality Cleaning With Our Commercial Window Washing Servicesv2 | Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Expect The Highest Quality Cleaning With Our Commercial Window Washing Services

We allow each business space to truly shine with our flawless window washing services. Our experience makes us the number one choice in commercial window cleaning services.

Using the right equipment and following the highest standards of safety, Helping Hands Cleaning Services give your windows the sparkly shine they deserve. We remove grime, dust, mold, and dirt that tends to block your view. Our crew will even go the extra mile to clean your screens and remove any mold or mildew.

Solutions Beyond Your Expectations

From office spaces to high-rise buildings, you can count on our effective window cleaning solutions.

Highly-Skilled Professionals Providing
Window Cleaning Service

Our window cleaning service technicians undergo extensive training and have the skills and techniques required for flawless commercial window washing.

Years of Experience in Window Cleaning

With years of experience, we remain committed to achieving flawless results no matter how huge a project may be.

Window Cleaning Service That Meets Your Needs

Our team will first inspect your space to determine your specific requirements and identify the right course of action to achieve the best results.

We Use Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products

We understand that your office windows are part of your investment and deserve premium cleaning equipment, technology, and supplies – nothing less.

We Offer Competitive Commercial Window Washing Services | Helping Hands Cleaning Services

We Offer Competitive Commercial Window Washing Services

Our services offer value for your money. We offer window cleaning packages that are reasonably priced and considered one of the most competitive in the area. With us, you get superior cleaning services without going overboard on your budget.

We know that there are instances when our team needs to clean during non-business hours. We collaborate on times and schedules so our services won’t interrupt your important meetings or operations. 

How Does Our Commercial Window Washing Service Stand Above Our Competitors?


  • Water spots from sprinklers can cause permanent damage to your window seals and glass. 
  • Our trained technicians are trained to remove even the toughest water spots.
  • We use commercial grade cleaners that safely break down water spots. 


  • Our sealant can cut down finger print buildup around doors and high traffic areas.
  • Lower costs and save money by reducing the number of cleans per year.
  • With our technique, we keep films and insulation from performing as intended. 


  • Safety is our top priority. We conduct site analysis to check window accessibility, fragile objects, and ground conditions. 
  • We are proud to be a “Green” company. Our licensed and insured professional cleaners use only environment-friendly products.  


  • A buildup of grime, grease, and other contaminants can cause reduced R values and improper seal. 
  • Using professional-grade equipment, we remove all water and dirt from the pores of the glass, hinges, tracks, and spring mechanisms. 
  • We wipe all edges and sills, leaving behind nothing but a spotless, sparkling glass. 


  • For windows with etching and damage, we use specialized products to restore your glass. 
  • We help customers save thousands of dollars by restoring glass instead of replacing them. 
  • We’ll help you determine whether your windows are for replacement or can be restored by our team. 


  • Our solutions and processes outperform our competitors, last longer, and provide a safe clean.
  • We cut through any buildup caused from the environment, acid rain, and sprinkler spray, and prolong the life of your glass.
  • We safely remove old decals, adhesives, and paint silicone splatters leaving your windows damage free. 

Best Window Cleaning Company At Your Service

For years, we have ensured that our services are over the top. This allowed us to grow our pool of clients from different industries. Our reviews speak for themselves. Schedule a regular window cleaning appointment today!

Commercial Window Cleaning, The Helping Hands Way

We prepare the area, ground conditions, and remove any furniture that may be affected by our window cleaning work. We start cleaning the inside of windows using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions. Once the indoor glass is clean, we proceed with exterior glass cleaning. We use a clean, rubber-bladed squeegee to dry the windows and avoid streaks and scratches. Our micro-fiber cloths also prevent lint from sticking to your glass. We don’t leave your window screens abandoned. We remove dust and dirt with a special cleaning solution. Enjoy a spotless view from your office.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect From Window Cleaning Companies Like Helping Hands?

Here’s what you can get if you hire professional window cleaning companies.

  • We remove dust and other air pollutants and toxins.
  • You can schedule window washing service regularly.
  • We help you get value for money by extending the life of your windows.
  • We use safe products that won’t break down the window film.
  • We are licensed and insured window cleaners. 
Why Hire Professional Window Washers?

Hiring professional cleaners to do window washing has a lot of benefits.

  • We only use the right cleaning supplies and products that are not available on the market without a license.
  • By hiring us, you get to extend the life of your windows. We remove the elements that can permanently damage your windows.
  • All of our technicians undergo a background check and extensive training.
What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Windows?

Dirty windows are not only an eyesore, but more importantly, outdoor elements can break down window seals causing air leaks and becoming a perfect place for rainwater to enter the wall structure.


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