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COVID-19 Cleaning: Tried and True Products For Your Home

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What cleaning products do you normally use at home? White wine vinegar? Sanitizer wipes? Or sprays?

While normally you may just pull whatever cleaning supplies you have out from your cupboard to clean your home, that might not be effective for COVID-19 cleaning. Some products will not effectively kill the COVID-19 virus.

There is plenty of advice on what can kill COVID-19 circulating online, but we’ve found specific products that have been recommended or tested as effective by the WHO, CDC, and the EPA. We’ve selected a few that you may already have at home and have rounded up all you need to know to effectively disinfect your home against COVID-19.


How Often to Clean, Disinfect Home

Even before the pandemic, regular cleanings are critical to your home. However, now disinfecting your home is key to kill the COVID-19 virus. You should clean and sanitize your home at least once a week, but if someone in your household is sick, we recommend sanitizing your home daily.


6 Tried & True Products to Disinfect Home Against COVID-19

Using the right products to disinfect your home from COVID-19 will ensure that your cleaning is effective. So, unfortunately, the products you already own might not be the best way to fight the spread of the coronavirus in your home.

You can start with soap and water, but you will need stronger disinfectants to kill all of the germs. The WHO recommends products with sodium hypochlorite or ethanol.

The EPA has found that specific products will kill all strains and variants of the coronavirus. Here are a few products that have been found effective for COVID-19 cleaning:


  1. Soap and Water

Always start by cleaning surfaces with soap and water. Consider it the first line of defense as soap can lift the virus from surfaces and remove its outer coating. Soap breaks up the virus’s shell so that it can be killed. When using soap and water, make sure to scrub hard and wash your hands and used towels directly afterward.

You may want to start with soap and water and then use one of the disinfectants below. 


  1. Bleach

Bleach is effective at killing most germs and viruses, including COVID-19. The active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, is recommended by the WHO for fighting the virus. Bleach also destroys the RNA of the virus, which prevents virus particles from spreading.

To be most effective, apply bleach to surfaces to clean and leave on for 10-15 minutes before cleaning the surface with a clean cloth. The CDC recommends diluting bleach using 5 tablespoons of bleach per one gallon of water.

Additionally, be careful when handling bleach. Use gloves, do not mix bleach with other products and do not let it splash. Finally, bleach may not be ideal for cleaning paint or fabrics, as it can damage paint and bleach fabrics.


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide will cause less damage to surfaces than bleach, but is still effective at killing the virus. You don’t need to dilute hydrogen peroxide, you can simply spray it on surfaces and let it sit for at least one minute. It can be used on metal and harder-to-reach surfaces because it doesn’t have to be wiped off.


  1. Cleaning wipes

Surface wipes often have the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride, which can remove germs from surfaces. The antiseptic on wipes can kill germs and viruses.


  1. Disinfectant spray

Similar to surface wipes, disinfectant sprays kill harmful bacteria and can also kill airborne germs. Check your label and make sure to use a disinfectant spray with at least 70% alcohol to be effective at killing coronavirus.


  1. Products listed by the EPA

Additionally, if you have a already have a product at home  and are curious if it is effective at killing COVID-19, the EPA has a tool to help you find out. You can search the EPA’s list tool by active ingredient or EPA registration number. The EPA has hundreds of products in their database tested and found effective at killing coronavirus.


Products NOT to Use to Disinfect Home

Do NOT use the following products to clean or disinfect your home:

  • Homemade hand sanitizer
  • Vodka
  • Vinegar
  • Tea tree oil

Although vinegar is cheap and a natural solution, it has not been shown to effectively kill coronavirus. Vodka or any other distilled spirits also cannot effectively sanitize surfaces because the concentration of alcohol will not kill viruses. The CDC recommends that any sanitizer must be at least 60 percent alcohol. Furthermore, when making your own sanitizer you might not get the alcohol concentration right, which will make it ineffective at sanitizing. Finally, there is no evidence that tea tree oil can kill the virus.


Areas of Your Home that Could Attract COVID-19

COVID-19 can spread on many surfaces in your home. When you bring in groceries to your kitchen, when you visit the neighborhood and touch your door handles, or even if you get packages delivered to your door, it can allow the virus to spread. But, as long as you are cleaning those surfaces, you can protect your home from the virus.

Consider common surfaces like doorknobs and light switches, but also remember to clean surfaces that may get forgotten like phones, keyboards, and steering wheels. Here are a few surfaces you should remember to clean regularly:

  • Doorknobs
  • Handles
  • Drawers
  • Countertops
  • Light switches
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Remotes
  • Toilets
  • Video game controllers
  • Railings
  • Tables
  • Faucets


Disinfect safely

The CDC reported an increase in poison control center calls due to the misuse of cleaning products during the pandemic, so make sure to use them safely. Always follow the directions on the product label to disinfect your home safely and effectively. Wear gloves for additional safety.

Also, the EPA recommends not letting children disinfect, because the process can harm kids’ health. Keep cleaning products away from children and pets, and make sure the products you use are EPA-registered. Finally, if any member of your household has asthma, take extra precautions to make sure your home is properly ventilated while cleaning.


Hire Professionals

When it comes to COVID-19 cleaning, hiring a professional house cleaning service may be worth it. Professional cleaners already have the correct products and experience to effectively disinfect your home or office, and to do it safely and quickly. Plus, it saves you time so that you can focus on your other priorities.

If you’re looking for cleaning services in the Chicago or Austin area, check out Helping Hands.


Contact Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Helping Hands is the ideal choice for someone looking for home or office cleaning and disinfection in the Chicago or Austin area. We’re a local, family-owned company and offer the flexibility to meet your specific cleaning needs.

We offer:

  • House cleaning
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We’re committed to your safety, and this includes protecting your space against COVID-19.

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