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Declutter Your Home, Tips for First-Time Homeowners 

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Knowing how to declutter your home can help you stay organized. Surprisingly, only a few people know how to do it, let alone actually do it. Of course, hiring professional cleaners is always an option. However, if you can do some cluttering on your own, that wouldn’t be so bad either. 

If you wish to learn more about how you can clear up your house, this post is for you. 

What Is Decluttering? 

The simple definition of decluttering is to remove unnecessary things in a particular area. This is to make the space more useful and pleasant. Now, who doesn’t want to live in such an inviting home? 

Get Helping Hands to do the decluttering for you. We have the best and most trusted experts. 

What Are the Advantages of Decluttering Your Home? 

Still lousy and don’t want to clean up? Well, reading the following advantages might change your mind. 

You Don’t Have a Lot To Clean in the Future 

Most of us are busy and have truckloads of responsibilities. More often, we do not have the time to do deep-cleaning. If you have tons of things to clean, it can be overwhelming and you’d end up not starting it at all. On the other hand, having fewer things at your home means less time for cleaning.

You Don’t Misplace Things 

Another advantage of decluttering your home is you get to organize your stuff better. You will remember where you’ve placed your things and the risk of losing small stuff decreases. 

You Don’t Feel Stressed 

A clean and less-cluttered home is nothing short of pleasing. It’s exactly what you need after a long day at work seeing piles of reports. In addition, the physical activity of cleaning and decluttering your home can help reduce anxiety. 

You Don’t Drown In Debt 

When you declutter, you will often find useful things and separate things that are not. It helps you realize that you already have what you need and there’s no need to buy more. This simple realization can lead to financial freedom and you get to do other things with your money. For example, pursue your passion for travel.  

It isn’t surprising that many people now choose to declutter and follow the minimalist principle. When you declutter, it also affects how you feel and views things. You get more clarity and you start to appreciate what is enough. Let’s just say, it’s always for the better. 

What Are the Best Ways to Declutter Your Home? 

Is this your first time decluttering your home? Here are some of the practical tips you can use today. 

Do It Slowly 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed especially if you have tons of things to declutter. Our suggestion is to take one bite at a time. For example, you can spend five to 10 minutes per day sorting your things. Before you know it, you already have a clutter-free house. 

Give an Item Per Day 

Seeing truckloads of things going out of your home in one blow can be heartbreaking at first. The solution for this is to give an item or two every day. If you are consistent, within a year you can remove 365 unnecessary things from your home. That’s a lot of space if you think about it. 

Have a Trash Bag Challenge  

Get a trash bag and fill it with your unused things. Don’t let it sit in your home because chances are you might change your mind and place it back in your basement or attic. Immediately donate it to Goodwill instead. 

Use Your Hangers To Determine Unused Clothes 

You probably have a lot of clothes but the question is, how often do you use them all? If you think about it carefully, the unused clothes take so much space. What you can do is to hang all your clothes with the hangers in reverse. When you’ve already worn an item, face the hanger correctly. If you’ve seen untouched hangers for six months, it’s about time to let these go. 

Take Before and After Photos Of Your Home 

It’s harder to appreciate your decluttered space if you can’t remember what it looked like before the clean-up. Take a before and after photo of your home and see the difference. We bet it will look more organized and calmer. Realizing what decluttering can do to your home will make you want to do it regularly. 

Get Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. It could be a family member or a friend. For example, if you want to keep an item you have to reason out with them so you can decide if it’s worth keeping. If they disagree, you might as well toss it. 

How about hiring professional declutterers to do the job for you? Helping Hands is just a call away. 

Can You Declutter in a Day? 

Decluttering in a day is possible, but it’s not bad if it will take you days or even weeks. We understand that there are some things that you might have a hard time letting go of. But as long as you are consistent, you are one step closer to a clutter-free home. 

Will Your House Look Boring After Decluttering?

Absolutely not, and this is a misconception. When we say decluttering, you are just removing things that we have no use for. This gives more room for other important things. Plus, having a spacious house has a lot of benefits. You can move freely about and your kids can enjoy it too. Your pets will have some room to roam as well. In addition, there are a lot of minimalist interior designs online. You can take inspiration from those.  

Get Professional Help if You Don’t Know Want to Declutter Your Home 

You don’t have much time on your hands? Don’t worry because Helping Hands is here to save the day. We’ve been in the industry for years and have helped several homeowners clear up their houses. All you have to do is wait for us to finish and be amazed by the results. 

Helping Hands cleaning services have been voted #1 in Chicago. We are one of the best teams to handle all your decluttering needs. For appointments or to request a quote, call (630) 530-1324

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