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Weird Cleaning Tricks and Hacks That Actually Work

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Weird Cleaning Tricks and Hacks That Actually Work

First and foremost, a message to the wise. Not all cleaning hacks are effective. In reality, some of them are little more than hacks. It’s important to keep in mind that a hack is only useful if it saves you time and money or can assist you in an emergency. Otherwise, you’re squandering your time.

That being said, the best home cleaning methods for your Elmhurst residence we will discuss in the post have been tried and proven and are well worth a try. We can all agree that cleaning is not always enjoyable. But unique cleaning hacks are! Or, at the very least, they’re more enjoyable than straight-up vacuuming.

In this article, we will show some weird cleaning hacks and tricks that work. Let’s get started.

Polish Your Sink

The sink is the kitchen’s main point. The kitchen appears dirty when it is dirty. But, when it is clean, the appeal is for everyone to see. Generally speaking, if your sink is clean, but your countertops are filled with dishes and stains, the appeal vanishes.

To polish your sink, dab a few droplets of olive oil on a paper towel and buff it. Note that you can simply add additional olive oil, but wiping up an oil spill is a major undertaking.

Citrus Away Rust Stains

We’ve all had rust spots on or around our sinks. Water, no matter how aware you are, will ultimately cause rust. Rather than harsh chemicals, use lemon and salt to clean it.

Split a lemon into halves and cover the entire face with salt. Apply this to the rust spots. The acid in the lemon accomplishes the majority of the job, while the salt provides abrasion.

Clean Fiddly Shaped Bottles with Rice

Bottles might be difficult to clean, but if you’ve got some rice on hand, it’s a breeze. Throw a handful of uncooked rice into the bottle (use paper to construct a funnel if necessary). Then add some warm water and a little spray of washing-up liquid. Replace the lid and give it a good shake. Rinse well to show a spotless bottle.

You can try these tricks for cleaning your home, but this will not work every time for you. You need proper cleaning. Hire the Helping Hands cleaning service in Chicago, IL, to clean your home in the proper manner.

Clean Your Microwave

There’s no need to scrub anymore! You can clean your microwave without ever using toxic substances. Just squeeze citrus into a dish of warm water, add the lemon rinds, and microwave for five min.

The liquid will begin to boil, and the vapor will dislodge the dried food fragments. After the timer goes off, start by removing the hot bowl and wiping everything with a clean cloth.

Deep Clean Your Shower Head

Use an elastic band (that secures the sandwich bag) to your shower head after adding two tablespoons of baking soda and a half-cup of vinegar to it. Put on the shower just enough to fill the bag, then keep it on overnight.

Filth and dirt stuck on the shower will easily slip off the next day.

Shine Up Your Silver with Toothpaste

A clean brush is beneficial to more than just your teeth; rather than spending money on pricey silver cleaners, massage minty toothpaste into your silver items with an old cloth.

You can also get into certain small gaps and holes with a toothbrush.

Iron Your Carpet

Certain carpet stains are unaffected by rug shifting. Instead of spending money on costly carpet cleaners, take your iron and a wet cloth, lay the wet cloth well over the stain, and press on high heat.

The heat from the iron will remove the stain, and once dried, the stain will be gone.

Coke to Clean

You’ve heard the rumors about our favorite bubbly drink, and sadly for our stomachs, they’re real. Stains on the toilet?

Throw a bottle of Coca-Cola over the top of the toilet bowl, allow it for about an hour, and then clean it with a toilet brush to eliminate any persistent stains. It’s less expensive than other toilet cleaners and performs a better job!

Blend Your Blender

The only item worse than tasting your spinach and kale juice is cleaning the blender. If you liked the first nutritious smoothie and would like to try it again, don’t lose time and risk damaging your fingertips by scrubbing out the residual components.

Fill the filthy blender halfway with hot water and dish solution and mix as you would for the kale mixture. Continue mixing until it’s clean, but remember to rinse, or your smoothie may have an undesirable flavor the next day.

Cleaning-Hacks-That-WorkHire the best home cleaning service in Elmhurst

Sometimes weird cleaning tricks work, but on occasions, they don’t and might be harmful to your health. If you are sure that a weird hack would work, go ahead and try it; otherwise, the best alternative is to clean your home properly.

Alternatively, you can employ Helping Hands house cleaning services to clean and polish everything from start to finish, ensuring that even your oven trays are left spotless. No matter if your home is located near Lizzadro Museum or anywhere else in the area, we’ve got your back.

You may also engage us for move-in/move-out cleaning, comprehensive spring cleaning, or even individual services included in spring cleaning like carpet or window cleaning, and much more.

Request a quote by clicking here or call on (630) 5301324.


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