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How We Keep Your Home Safe With Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray

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It is no secret that now more than ever, it is exceedingly important to keep your home clean and disinfected. With the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 & the Delta Variant, keeping a space clean is synonymous with keeping it safe. Our team of trained professionals have the tools and know-how to disinfect your home and keep you and your family safe from viruses & bacteria. We implement the use of Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray to eliminate viruses and protect your home for 90+ days. But just what is “Electrostatic Disinfection” and how does it work? Here’s a technical rundown of everything you need to know about professionally cleaning your home with electrostatic disinfection spray with the Helping Hands team.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic spraying & fogging has drawn increased interest throughout the COVID-19 pandemic because it is great for disinfecting larger indoor spaces with many surfaces, just like your home! Electrostatic disinfecting sprayers are different from typical aerosol cleaning sprays in that they apply a positive charge to the cleaning solution upon release. The EPA states that the positively charged cleaning spray is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which makes it very effective at coating and disinfecting hard nonporous surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection is EPA approved and deemed 100% safe for people & pets! Electrostatic disinfection is highly recommended according to the CDC for indoor settings where there has been exposure of viruses, as well as in the prevention of viruses. 

Things That Influence Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers

There are several factors & parameters presented by the EPA that can impact the disinfectants ability to activate on a surface:

    • The amount of disinfectant applied to a surface: the surface must remain wet for a certain amount of time to ensure elimination of the virus.
  • The electrostatic charge of the spray: this can potentially impact the disinfectant’s ability to impart onto surfaces not in the direct path of the spray.
  • Droplet size distribution of the spray: smaller droplets may be more easily dispersed and unlikely to latch on to the target surface.
  • Chemical composition: the disinfectant that you load the electrostatic sprayer with is just as important as the sprayer itself. Different chemical solutions and cleaning products will have different levels of effectiveness, and we make sure to use the best  there is.
  • Loss of active ingredient to the vapor phase during the spraying process: some disinfectant active-ingredient chemicals may lose effectiveness or volatilize while in sufficiently high vapor concentrations.

Why Electrostatic Disinfection?

As of July 2021, the EPA stated that research had shown that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through airborne particles, but can also be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces. Because of this it is important to keep up with regular and routine cleaning to avoid the spread of disease, and electrostatic disinfection has become the most popular way to quickly disinfect large areas. Electrostatic disinfection kills viruses on contact and Helping Hands Cleaning Service’s ESS disinfection provides 90 day protection from viruses. We can handle that routine cleaning too!

Established & Approved

You can be confident in knowing that your home and family will be safer thanks to electrostatic disinfection. This isn’t some new technology that still has safety mysteries. You can have peace of mind in knowing that electrostatic sprayers have been around for a long time and are proven to be safe! As mentioned earlier, when done properly by trained professionals the process of electrostatic disinfection has been proven to be 100% safe for people & pets as well as EPA approved for combating COVID-19.  These electrostatic sprayers have even been used in other industries before they were used for cleaning, such as agriculture.

How We Lend A Helping Hand

It is important to make sure that when utilizing electrostatic disinfection you do so with the proper precautions. Our team is professionally trained to utilize electrostatic disinfectant spray to keep your home clean & safe. Electrostatic disinfection should not be performed by anyone other than trained professionals. There are certain disinfectants that are specifically approved for this type of cleaning, and Helping Hands makes sure to only use the best and safest disinfectants. We handle everything while you sit back and relax! 

We Keep You Safe

Rooms being treated with electrostatic disinfection must be unoccupied other than persons with appropriate protective equipment to ensure the safety for the disinfecting operator, others nearby, and anyone who will use the room afterwards. We do it all so that you don’t have to lift a finger or worry about the effectiveness and safety of our electrostatic disinfection process. Check out more details on our specialized Electrostatic Disinfection Service.

Case Study

The Study

If you are wondering about the scientific efficacy of electrostatic disinfection, then this information is for you! A recent study based in Cleveland set out to find the effectiveness of using an electrostatic sprayer with a disinfectant solution that would possibly aid in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The study found that wheelchairs, portable equipment, communal spaces, and waiting room chairs were frequently contaminated with potentially dangerous pathogens. The study concluded that application of a dilute sodium hypochlorite disinfectant via an electrostatic sprayer “provided rapid and effective decontamination and eliminated the benign virus bacteriophage MS2 from surfaces.” 

The Test

The test organisms of the study were a non developed and single stranded bacteriophage MS2 that was propagated in Escherichia coli (known more commonly as E.coli), and Clostridioides difficile spores. When tested on steel disks, the electrostatic disinfectant spray reduced C. difficile with a 5-minute contact time, and bacteriophage MS2 with a 2-minute contact time. 

The Results

There was significant reduction in contamination after the electrostatic spray disinfectant was applied, which means that it has been scientifically proven to fight viruses & bacteria! This method is especially useful for disinfecting large areas, and results have shown that it is also effective at disinfecting any portable objects and surfaces within those large areas. I bet you can think of a place that has large areas with many surfaces and objects… That’s right, it’s your house! 

At Helping Hands we put this technology into practice to disinfect your home and keep you & your family safe. 




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