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Here are a few reasons why this is a great place to work!

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is hiring! We are an exceptional cleaning service that does residential and commercial cleaning. As part of our hiring campaign, we wanted to share with you some of the statements from our employees who work here and love their job!

Here are the words of Carmina, a long-time employee:

Hello, my name is Carmina. I’ve been working with Helping Hands since 2012. It has been a great experience; it has been a wonderful place to work. I experienced growth here, as a person and as an employee. I started in the company as a cleaning technician. After being a cleaning technician for a few years, I was promoted to be a lead on a team. After being a lead on the team, I was promoted to be a trainer. After some time training people, I developed more skills so I was able to be a supervisor. After being a supervisor, I started working here in the office, and now I am operations manager in the company, and it has been great. It has been a great pay tooIt has been a great company to work with. I have a lot of benefits. People here have a lot of benefits. We have vacation days, our birthday is a paid day offwe get company cars, many bonuses from clients (tips), from reviews that we get we will get a bonus, and it has been great. I have been learning, working with many different type of personalities, different types of people and learn from them. If you are looking for a good place to go, a good place where you can grow, where you can be better, this is the right place. This is a place where you’re going to be where you’re going to grow and it’s going to be great.

Reasons to work here #1: One of the biggest ways that Helping Hands rewards its employees for great work, is that they promote from within!

Reasons to work here #2Another reason to work here is that you will advance in your career and job skills.

Read Maddie’s words of why Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a great place to work…

My name is Maddie and I have been working at Helping Hands for 7 years. I am so happy in this company because, they treat us like we are family. It is a company that gives us an opportunity to grow up and develop skills, in our job and as people. I have a very nice experience here because they try to help us. They give us benefits like, a company car and growth opportunities. I started to work as a house cleaner, and later on they gave me the opportunity to be a trainer, after that I became a supervisor, and did some work in an office. So I’m very happy with this company. It is like a family.

Reasons to work here #3A big reason Maddie likes to work here is that they treat you like family!

Reasons to work here #4The great pay!

Reasons to work here #5: The company car!

Reasons to work here #6: The job benefits! You even get paid for your birthday!

Job testimonial from Maddie, continued…

Tell me about a favorite story about your work that you would like to share with your friendsMy favorite story is this client that I have been working for. She is an amazing client. She welcomed me and my coworker with open arms and treated us very nicely. Every time we go to her house, she is so happy to see us. That makes me very happy and grateful because I see that doing what I’m doing is making an impact. I would say that is one of my favorite stories and experience while working for Helping Hands. 

Reasons to work here #7: You will enjoys making an impact in people’s lives! Maddie knows that her job as a cleaning technician makes a difference, and she is grateful for that. 

And tell me about more of what type of services do you do for Helping Hands? I work for one of the teams that specializes in deep cleanings, so that is some of the services I participate in.”

Read Jose’s words of why Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a great place to work…

So, what has your overall experience been like working forHelping Hands Cleaning Services these past two years?Working for working for Helping Hands, it has been great. It has been amazing. This company gives you a lot of opportunities and they reward your hard work, and it has been great for me. It has been an amazing experience overallsince coming in and from other jobs and those companies don’t give you what Helping Hands gives you. Such as benefits, bonuses, for what you do or for your hard work. 

What have the pay and benefits have been like, while working for a Helping Hand? You know, it has been really good

Do you have good benefits? We do.

Do you like them? I love them

What type of benefits do you get here? We get bonuses, vacations, paid birthday, and you get the day off, the tips from the clients, they value your hard work that you do for them. So,it’s been good. I mean, I can’t complain.

Tell me about the work environment. What has that been likewhile you were working at Helping Hands? It has been good. I get along with everybody. People are nice to me. People here in the office, bosses treat me well.

Tell me about a favorite story at work that you would like to share with your friends. Well, my favorite story I would say when a client sees how hard you work for them and they value it.

Reasons to work here #8: The staff is nice to work with.

Reasons to work here #9The people are nice to work for.

Reasons to work here #10: Other companies don’t give you what Helping Hands gives you

Reasons to work here #11They truly value you and your hard work.

Read Avi’s words of why Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a great place to work…

Hi, I’m Avi from Helping Hands, and I have been working here for one year, and I’m so happy because I have so many friends, my co-workers are friendly and so is my boss. Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a really good company, so I’m really happy working here because they provide me a car where I can work. They also pay me on my birthday and give me the day off, with payThey pay for my vacations and they provide tips. So, I really am happy working with my coworkers and my boss. All I can say is that anyone that works here can be happy. This is a good place to work.”

Reasons to work here #12: You will have good people to work with

Reasons to work here #13: You will have a good boss!

Reasons to work here #14: You get paid for your birthday, and get the day off, too!

Reasons to work here #15: You even make tips and earn bonuses!

A few words from the owner:

I’m Gosia Baran, owner of Helping Hands CleaninServices. Are you thinking long-term for your career? We offer employment solutions right now. We offer amazing benefits, great pay and other opportunities forgrowth. We have solutions for you right now for a long-term career. Please apply at our website, and we will be able to help you find a great career!” Go to our job page from HHCleans.com and apply there. We would love to talk to you today!

We have job openings for new cleaning technicians! Join our team! It is truly a great place to work.

Learn more about the salary and benefits…

Helping Hands Cleaning Services Benefits to Employees: As an employee, you will receive weekly pay of $11-16 per hour. You will receive paid training in order to learn how we provide the best cleaning services. 

After several months of employment, we offer paid time off. The owner of the company is a woman who is employee focused. You will feel appreciated for your work! 

Work your way up! You can get Promoted to a Team Leader or Supervisor. There is room for advancement, here. You will love the opportunity that we have to work your way up to management. 

Flexible Work hours: You will also have a flexible work schedule. If you need time off, just request it in advance with your supervisor. We always try to accommodate the time off requests.  

We work as a team at most job sites. We love to help each other during our work. It makes the day go by so much faster, and you make friends! Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a great company to work for! We work together on most jobs and perform great teamwork at our residential homes or commercial properties. We clean as a team. We ride together to most jobs and help each other as needed. 

This job ad specifies a few of the things we are looking for. Please read below to see if you qualify and reach out to us if this sounds like you. https://helpinghandscleaningservices.com/jobs/

Here are a few things we look for in an employee: We hope that the new employee will be great at job attendance, be honest, reliable, and a hard worker. We love fun people who are generally happy and nice to others. We want positive employees around us. We also want mature professionals that come to work. People who work here will like making great money at cleaning and they will feel appreciated. We also like loyal employees. As an employee, it is important to remember that you are always promoting the company. We want you to always be helping your fellow employees and taking care of our clients.

Many of our employees love what they do as cleaning technicians, and the reason why is because they can see that their work matters. Cleaning on a regular basis helps people in their home life and business life. As a cleaning technician, your work impacts the local residents and their lives. Our work is rewarding and the clients we serve are very appreciative of what you do! 

We are a trusted business in our community. We love to help people and we are rewarded for doing it. We also participate in Cleaning for a Reason https://helpinghandscleaningservices.com/cleaning-for-a-reason-giving-back/ , where we go into people’s homes and clean their house while they are struggling with cancer treatment and cannot do it themselves. We have served many people by cleaning their home, thorough Cleaning for a Reason.

We are hiring immediately for Residential and Commercial Cleaning Technicians. No Experience is needed. We train our cleaners to provide the best cleaning service for our commercial cleaning clients. We provide commercial cleaning on a recurring basis. Our commercial cleaners will dust, clean floors, bathrooms, break rooms and more. We hire from other industries as well such as: Janitorial Cleaner, office cleaner, restaurant, servers, cashiers, retail, retail sales associates, housekeeper’s hotel, house cleaners, general labor and many more. If you are hired, you would be a part of that cleaning team! Apply here: https://helpinghandscleaningservices.com/jobs/

We also have great reviews from our clients, as seen on Google and Yelp! Read a few of them here:

From Max F. “This was our first time using the cleaning service with helping hands and we were thrilled with the results. Jose and Maria did an awesome job, were efficient and made us feel totally comfortable during the time of covid. We will be looking to set up a regular cleaning with them going forward. Also the office helped accommodate a deep cleaning on short notice and was super easy to work with. All around a great experience.”


From Kristopher P.- “Agata and Jadzia are wonderful cleaners! I can’t wait for them to come back. Helping Hands is a great service clearly committed to hiring and supporting great cleaners. A+.”


From: Christina B.- “We have been using Helping Hands Cleaning Services for the last 4 years and have never been disappointed. Brenda and Maria are our outstanding team who clean everything to perfection. We have used other services in the past who were not as detail oriented, like leaving crumbs or dirt in the corners, but that is not a concern with Helping Hands. Everyone from the company is friendly, professional, reliableand communicative. I would highly recommend Helping Hands if you are looking for a cleaning service.”


From Holly E.- “Helping Hands always does a fantastic job for us. Pablo, Bianca and Veronica are thorough and efficient. Our house looks amazing after they’ve been here. Would highly recommend!”


From Kathy H.- “Letti at Helping Hands Cleaning does a wonderful job. My home is spotless. Great attention to detail and very professional. Thank you for your flexibility. I recommend Helping Hands for your home and office cleaning needs.”


From Julia U. – “So impressed with my first cleaning from Helping Hands! Jose and Maria did a fantastic job deep cleaning our home and they were very efficient. I was also happy with my scheduling experience and that they took the time to walk me through the process and their covid policies. I felt super comfortable with the entire experience!”


From Jackie R.- “The place we moved into was left extremely dirty. Juan came to the my rescue. He worked extremely hard and did an amazing job. Erica came later on to help him after I said I wanted more than the original two hours I scheduled and she was also excellent. I would definitely recommend them.”


From Becky B. – “We just had our first clean with Helping Hands. Veronica and Lili were great – very friendly, good with our dog, and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend them!”


From Allison B. – “We have been using Helping Hands Cleaning Service for the last two years, and I cannot speak highly enough about this crew! They go above and beyond to make my house look spectacular every month! I would recommend this cleaning service over and over again!”

Apply for your new career right here! Apply now with Helping Hands Cleaning Services.https://helpinghandscleaningservices.com/jobs/

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