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How to Tidy Up a Garage

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How to Tidy Up a Garage

When it comes to tidiness, the garage is sometimes one of the most neglected rooms on your property. It’s easy for it to become a dumping ground for everything from tools and athletic equipment to Christmas decorations and outdated clothes.

A clean garage, on the other hand, can make it simpler to find what you need and free up room for your car or hobbies. If you’re seeking trustworthy maid services in Downers Grove to help clean up your garage, we recommend hiring Helping Hands Professional House Cleaning Services based in Chicago, IL.

In this article, you will learn how to efficiently tidy up a garage. Let’s get started.

Declutter the Ground Space and Tables

Before you begin anything else, tidy your workspace. It will be challenging to get into every nook and corner if you have a lot of boxes and other strange stuff lying about. It doesn’t matter if these boxes are intended to remain in your garage and not be discarded; the first step is to lift them off the ground.

You may browse through them afterward and organize the items you genuinely want to keep. Repeat this process for your tables; you’ll want to clean them fully before reinstalling your products. Putting stuff outdoors in the driveway is a smart idea so you can sort through everything later.

Sort and Eliminate Items

Once everything has been removed from the garage, it is time to organize everything into three piles: keep, donate/sell, and discard. Purge once, then go through the keep pile and purge once more. Several sports businesses will purchase back used equipment or offer it on consignment. You could even generate a small profit that you can spend on something the whole family would enjoy.

Items that are broken, rusty, or past their prime should be discarded right away. The utility and potency of car repair and cleaning materials should be evaluated. Chemicals, paint, and other products that have outlived their usefulness should be properly disposed of.

Clean All Garage

You should start by sweeping and vacuuming. Be careful to get not only the ground and tables but also the walls and ceiling. This can aid in the removal of old cobwebs. After that, you should clean the walls. Clean and disinfect these surfaces using a solution of equal parts water and bleach.

For the greatest results, apply the mixture to the walls, wait 30 minutes, and then scrub them down. This is really good against mold. This combination may also be used to clean the tables. Scrubbing the earth comes last. To scrub, use hot water and washing detergent. This will remove any difficult stains from the floor.

Remove Oil Stains From the Floor

You’re probably wondering how to clean oil marks from the ground. The initial step is to use paper towels or rags to collect quite as much oil as you can. Now, the stain needs to be treated with a degreaser, left for about 10-15 minutes, then washed with a bristle brush.

The ground should be gently washed, and the procedure must be repeated as needed. Instead, a vinegar and baking soda combination or a professional cleaning might be utilized. These procedures may be used to properly clean oil and grease marks from a garage floor.

Paint Your Garage

A simple coat of white latex paint can keep everything fresh and help avoid mildew. Caulk the window frames and any damaged or leaking seals.

You don’t have to sew curtains or hang wall decals, but adding a simple aesthetic touch may make you feel more like an “extension of your house” and keep things neat in the future.

Store On Walls

If you just place hooks, brackets, and other hardware on studs, you’re missing out on a lot of garage wall possibilities. The ideal technique is to cover the drywall or bare studs with a layer of three-quarter-inch plywood.

This provides a continuous fastening surface, allowing you to install storage hardware, organize goods in a space-efficient manner, and pack more stuff onto the wall. Watch how plywood and inexpensive hardware is used to quadruple the storage capacity of this wall.

Stack Bins the Easy Way

Polypropylene storage bins are one of the best garage storage solutions for organizing and separating your stuff by activity or season. These bins are a stylish and clever method to allow simple access to your bins.

Consider various color bins for each activity to make it easier to find what you need, and use the edges of the wooden frame for wall-mounted additional items like fishing rod holders or handy hooks for small tools.

Hire-one-of-the-most-respected-maid-services-in-Downers-GroveHire one of the most respected maid services in Downers Grove

Cleaning your garage is an important duty, but if you don’t have the time, you may call Helping Hands cleaning services in Chicago, IL. Our experienced cleaners will clean the whole garage, including the walls, oil stains, and flooring, as well as help you in freeing up storage space, no matter if you’re located near Midwestern University or another location in Downers Grove.

Additionally, we can assist you in move-in cleaning if you’re a busy homeowner or teach you some tips on how to efficiently clean if you have pets. Check out our reviews from other clients and read the FAQs if you have any doubts.

Click here to book an appointment, or contact us at (630) 530 1324.


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