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How to Remove Sticker Residue Without a Fuss

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Nearly every product on the market today has a sticker. Canned goods and bottles have labels. Clothes have tags. Appliances and furniture have decals. These stickers are often necessary as they provide key information about the product.

There will come a time when you’ll want to take these labels off. For example, you’re planning on recycling those bottles. While you can remove them, they often leave behind an annoying, glue-like residue. Don’t worry. They’re easy to get rid of if you use the right materials and methods. A putty knife might make scraping the gunk out easier, but you could end up leaving scratches on the surface.

This article will tell you how to remove sticker residue with minimal fuss.


Alcohol is one of the best solvents around. You can use rubbing alcohol or vodka to get that pesky sticker adhesive off glass, wood, or plastic. It’s effective and safe to use on most surfaces. It won’t corrode or change the material. To use it, wet a clean rag or paper towel with alcohol. Rub it on the residue. It will lift off without any problems most of the time. For stubborn adhesives, lay the alcohol-soaked rag or towel on the area. Leave it for a few minutes. This will soften the sticky substance and make it easier to rub off.

Hot Water

Heat will help loosen up any stickers. But this is a method you should do with care. Many people use hot water to get rid of sticky gunk. Start by putting several drops of dish detergent into a container of hot water. Immerse the object into the hot water. Let it soak for a few minutes. Retrieve the item and scrape away the residue with your fingers or with a scraper. Another strategy is to pour boiling into an empty glass bottle. Wait for the label to soften before you attempt to remove it.

Hairdryer or Heat Gun

A hairdryer is also a good tool to use in the fight against sticker residue. It’s also easy and convenient to use. Almost every house has a hairdryer or two lying around. To use it, aim the hairdryer at the sticker or its residue. Let the hot air loosen up the adhesive. Once it’s hot enough, the glue should easily scrape off.

You can also use a heat gun if you have one. Use the gun’s lowest setting and wave it at a slow pace over the sticker. The heat will soon soften the glue. You can then peel off the sticker. If you’re peeling off a large object like a poster, direct the heat over one corner. You should then peel it off with care. Focus the heat gun’s nozzle on the back of the peeled corner. Wait several seconds then start tugging off the sticker. Make sure you wear gloves so your hands don’t get burned by the hot air.

Peanut Butter

It might come as a surprise but peanut butter is also a good way of getting rid of glues and other adhesives. It’s not as messy as it sounds. It’s also very effective on glass, plastic, or wood. Dab a dollop of peanut butter on the sticky spot. Let it sit for a bit to let the residue soften. Liftoff the peanut butter and the sticker with a clean rag.


A simple and effective way of removing sticky label residue is by using a scraper. But this is best used for hard surfaces, like metal or glass. Do not use a scraper on wood, leather, and other soft coverings. There are three types of scrapers to choose from:

  • Plastic Pan Scraper: A pan scraper is affordable and won’t damage the surface. But it’s not hard or sharp enough for stubborn adhesives. You can also use it for other things, like scraping plates and pans clean.
  • Metal Paint Scraper: This is another option to consider. A paint scraper is often made of metal. It has a hard blade and handle that makes removing labels and remaining residue easier. It’s a good choice when you’re clearing a large area.
  • Razor Scraper: This scraper has very thin, sharp blades. The edges can cut through and under the stickiest labels without any problems. You can replace the blades when they become dull. They’re also flexible. It’s what makes this scraper ideal for use on contoured surfaces, like bottles.


Vinegar is another tried and tested house cleaning aid. Start by soaking a paper towel or cleaning the rag with distilled white vinegar. Lay it over the area you want to clean. Allow the vinegar to soak through and work its magic. The residue will soften and you can wipe or scrape it off. You can also use vinegar to keep windows shiny and your plants healthy.


WD-40 is a miracle substance that millions of people swear on. It’s used for home and office cleaning. It can lubricate joints and hinges. It can clear off the rust. It can also remove sticker residue. You only need to spritz it on the wonder solution on the affected spot. Wait a few minutes. Wipe the area off and be free of those stickers. Did you get new ideas from the article? You can also learn more ways to get rid of stubborn stains and spots in this post on melamine erasers.

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