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Running a warehouse is a complex operation that involves many moving parts. An important element of warehouse management is warehouse cleaning. Maintaining a clean warehouse is an investment, but is it worth it? After all, your warehouse space isn’t exactly in the public eye. How does warehouse cleaning support your company’s mission? Answer this question with these four good reasons for investing in regular commercial cleaning for your large warehouse.


Improves Productivity


Maintaining efficient operations is a high priority with warehouse managers. While you know the importance of picking up clutter to bring better organization to your inventory management set-up, warehouse lighting often gets overlooked. A workspace that includes grime-covered lights makes operating heavy equipment harder and more dangerous.


Clean and safe working conditions are the concern of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The watchdog government agency conducts inspections of warehouses and can request that you shut down certain aspects of your facility operations if your workspace is an immediate hazard to employees. OSHA also issues penalties for non-compliance with standards. Besides having to pay the fines, your company must also host OSHA for re-inspections to make sure that your company corrected previous issues. These inspections can take away from the facilities’ productivity.


Helps Employees Stay Well


While capital equipment is expensive to replace, employees are still the greatest assets to your warehouse’s operations. When they are healthy, they want to come to work, earn their wages, and contribute to the company’s mission. At best, sick employees stay home. Their training and expertise go unused, and company productivity suffers as a result. The worst-case scenario is that an ill employee heroically continues to come to work. She makes mistakes that do harm to herself and others.


Regular commercial cleaning in warehouses helps to eliminate allergens that trigger health issues. In a post-pandemic work environment, regular cleaning is essential to reduce the spread of germs. The government considers many warehouse workers to be essential to the nation’s supply chain. By regularly cleaning your warehouse spaces, you help to ensure that your employees are ready to give 100% to your most critical operations.


Boosts Morale


Unclean workspaces send a message to workers. Instead of thinking that there’s so much productive activity happening at your facility, employees take an untidy workplace as a signal that the company doesn’t care about them. According to lawyer Lori Rosen at CCH Incorporated, there’s a clear link between low morale and unscheduled absenteeism in the workplace. Companies spend a good deal of time hiring and training workers. When they don’t show up to work or they move on to other employment, those companies lose their human capital investment.


A dirty warehouse also tells employees that the company doesn’t care about the products that they store or distribute. This message can cause them to be careless when it comes to moving inventory or using expensive forklifts. Theft of inventory and maintenance tools continues to be a problem in warehouses. If employees get the idea that the company doesn’t run a tight ship, they may start stealing items of value.


Reduces Maintenance Costs


Reduction in maintenance costs is a hidden benefit of warehouse cleaning. Professional cleaning teams sweep and mop floors to remove dust and dirt from the space. If left unchecked, this debris can get into the gears of heavy equipment and expensive machinery and cause them to malfunction. Dust and dirt particles also circulate through the warehouse’s ventilation system. Putting your facility on a regular cleaning schedule reduces premature damage to capital equipment and lessens the strain on your facility’s HVAC system.


Warehouses are known for their smooth floors and paint-coated metal walls. When dirt accumulates on cement floors, their coatings wear off leaving them vulnerable to cracking. This type of damage must be fixed quickly to avoid accidents in the warehouse. By regularly cleaning warehouse floors, you can extend the life of hard floor finishes.




Regular commercial cleaning keeps your large warehouse running smoothly, which directly impacts your company’s bottom line. However, there’s no need to pull specialized warehouse workers from their regular duties to sweep, mop, and pick up trash. Helping Hands Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning to industrial facilities throughout the Chicagoland area. Call us today to put your warehouse on a regular cleaning schedule.


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