Quick Cleaning – How to Clean Your House in Less Than 2 Hours

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Admit it, you are willing to try almost all cleaning hacks just to lessen your down time in cleaning your house. But trying on different ideas at once can sometimes spell disaster than give you the actual cleaning that you want. 

Having a clean house is possible even with less time on your hand, especially if you will ask the help of the whole household to take part in it. Here are some tried and tested tips and ideas for quick cleaning. Thank me later for being able to clean your house in less than 2 hours.

Start with a Game Plan

Creating a game plan of what needs to be done is a great help in setting your priorities and expectations. Don’t expect your house to be sparkly clean in less than 2 hours, unless you consider hiring cleaning experts to do the job. Also, remember to get ready for the battle by preparing all your cleaning supplies within reach. Check out the sample game plan below to get you started.

Know Your Goal and Prioritize

Whether it’s for saving your face or making a good impression on someone, you need to prioritize having your house presentable in less than 2 hours. If you only have around 30 minutes to clean up, here are the things you need to prioritize.

  • Before decluttering, load all your dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Leave it and pour some bleach in your toilet bowl and let it sit there while doing other things.
  • Clear out as many “misplaced” things as you can. Make sure to put them back where they belong.
  •  Finally, sweep the floor or vacuum. It will be easier to do this now since you have done some decluttering earlier.

Start a Cleaning Habit

Cleaning can give you a good sweat, some kind of a daily workout if you think about it. Deep cleaning will be a breeze for you if you allot an hour or so of cleaning every day. Here are tips on how to do quick cleaning every day, and be done under 2 hours. 

  • Always start cleaning from top to bottom. Let all dust from the top fall and settle on the bottom surfaces, then clean your way down. Dust off and wipe clean all surfaces, with the floor as the last part to be cleaned. This way of cleaning will save you time cleaning surfaces back and forth.
  • Having less time in your hand means multitasking. Here are things you can start before decluttering the house to ensure that they will be done by the time you finish cleaning.
    1.   Placing your dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
    2.   Loading your laundry in the washing machine.
    3.   Pouring cleaner or bleach in your toilet bowl so scrubbing it will be easier later.
  • A trash bin in one hand, and a duster on the other. You can do decluttering and dusting at the same time. Decluttering a surface and then wiping it clean after is a good idea to try as we
  • Don’t forget the walls, doors and windows, especially if they are made of glass. A good glass or surface cleaner plus a microfiber cloth are very handy to help you make them spotless with less effort.
  •  If you have too much clutter in your house and cannot decide which ones to throw or keep, prepare a box or a container where you can temporarily place the items. Sort them out slowly, every day so that it won’t pile up.
  • Bring a laundry basket on your way to the bedrooms. Put everything that needs to be washed in the basket. Make sure to fix your bed after waking up so there’s one less thing to clean in the house.
  •  Don’t just sweep or vacuum the floor, mop it as well. This will remove dust and dirt that the sweeping or vacuuming can’t.

Don’t Have the Time to Clean Up Everything? 

We understand if you want to save some time cleaning. There’s no need to worry because we can do the heavy lifting for you. At Helping Hands Cleaning Services, we provide exemplary cleaning services. Our professional cleaning experience has earned us the trust of our clients from different industries. With our years of consistent services, you’ll be in good hands. Reach out to us today.

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