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Stop House Cleaning Stress: Simple Tips To Motivate Yourself To Clean

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Everyone has experienced house cleaning stress. You know the feeling. Dishes are piling up in the sink. Dust is building on the shelves. Junk mail is cluttering up your coffee table. You don’t even want to think about the state of the bathroom. You’ve been busy, which makes it easy to neglect your home. You know the house needs a thorough clean, but you’re overwhelmed at the thought of it. What’s the best way to approach the task?


Avoiding House Cleaning Stress: The Big Jobs

The best way to approach a big cleaning job is to throw yourself into it. Sitting and thinking about how you need to do it is often more stressful than simply getting started. If you’re struggling with motivation, a few tips may help.

Start with One Room

If the task seems too overwhelming, decide on a few smaller tasks, like cleaning one of two bathrooms. As you experience the satisfaction of cleaner surroundings, you’ll likely feel motivated to continue.

Entertain Yourself

Podcasts make great background entertainment during cleaning projects. You can listen without having to watch. Lively music helps as well.

Clean with a Buddy

Dividing a big job between you and your spouse, roommate, or kids will help you power through faster. You can also entertain each other as you go.

Have Fun with New Cleaning Products

Okay, maybe cleaning products aren’t all that “fun.” Nonetheless, it can be interesting to experiment with various products. Try out a new scent, test out that new vacuum, or check out a new technique. It’ll make the process more enjoyable, and you might discover a product that works better for your home.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes, we must motivate ourselves. If you’re struggling to get to work, decide on a way you can reward yourself for every completed task. Clean the kitchen, and order yourself a pizza. Vacuum the entire house, and purchase that new perfume you’ve been wanting to try. Although you can ultimately have these things either way, viewing them as “rewards” will make them more satisfying.

Understand the Benefits

If your home has been cluttered and dirty for a while, you might not even notice how much it stresses you out. Statistics show that 66 percent of Americans feel stressed or anxious when their homes are dirty. Even if you don’t feel it, an unclean home will affect your well-being. Realizing how much better you’ll feel when your home is clean may motivate you.


Keeping Clean in the Future

Once you’ve given your home the thorough deep clean it needs, consider planning for the future.

A Few Small Tasks a Day

Cleaning a little each day will make taking care of your home less overwhelming. It’s okay to skip a day when you’re busy, tired, or unwell. However, doing one or two quick tasks every day you feel up for it will go a long way.

Quick cleaning tasks you can do throughout the week include:

  • Giving the tub a quick scrub while it’s already wet after a shower or bath.
  • Wiping down the countertops.
  • Washing out the sinks.
  • Polishing the mirrors to remove water marks.
  • Dealing with junk mail and other clutter immediately rather than allowing it to pile up.

Let the Professionals Handle the Job

You might be too busy to clean. Research shows that nearly half of all millennials use professional cleaning services due to packed schedules and busy social lives. Americans who handle their own house cleaning tend to spend about six hours a week doing so. What could you do with an extra six hours? With easy online booking and set appointments, it’s convenient to hire a cleaning team.


The Help You Need from Helping Hands

If you’re in or around Elmhurst, Illinois, our cleaning team is here to assist you. Whether you’re in a house, apartment, or condo, Helping Hands will ensure your surroundings stay immaculate. Cleaning is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and we always work around your schedule.

Please contact us today, and let us reduce your house cleaning stress.


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