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How to Clean When You Own Pets

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How to Clean When You Own Pets

While our dogs and other pets can be great company, they can also be stinky and unclean, and they can transmit diseases and parasites like fleas. Pet hairs, pee stains on the carpet, shavings, droppings, or feathers getting into the most strange locations are all issues that many pet owners face on a regular basis.

However, don’t let this deter you from getting a pet. Many simple methods exist to keep your pet and your home fresh and tidy. You can keep your space clean with just a few minutes of housekeeping in your Downers Grove home each day.

This post will demonstrate how to clean when you own pets. Let’s get started.

Create a Cleaning Routine

When you have pets, you must set a cleaning schedule to maintain your home in a manner that is neat and clean. This includes making everyday cleaning duties like vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping down surfaces a regular part of your routine. By doing this on a regular basis, you will keep messes at bay and your home cleaner in general.

A cleaning checklist can also assist you in staying organized and on top of your cleaning activities. Cleaning litter boxes, washing pet bedding, and wiping out food and drink containers should all be included.

Use Right Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up after pets requires the use of the proper instruments. Pet owners must have a decent vacuum cleaner. Look for a vacuum with strong suction that is suited for pet hair. A lint roller may also be used to remove pet hair from furniture and clothing.

Wipe off surfaces with a microfiber cloth, which traps dust and pet hair better than conventional cloths. You could also consider using a steam cleaner to deep clean your carpets and furniture. However, if you don’t have the right cleaning tools, you can hire Helping Hands cleaning services in Clarendon Hills, IL, to clean your house.

Use Pet-Friendly Products

It is essential to use pet-friendly cleaning solutions while cleaning up after dogs, especially when cleaning pet supplies. Certain cleaning solutions can be toxic to pets, so check the labels before using them. Search for pet-safe cleaning solutions or those made with natural components.

Products containing bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals that can be hazardous to animals should be avoided. You may want to consider using an enzyme-based cleaner for pet messes, as these cleansers break down the organic stuff that generates odors.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Every time you take your pet for a walk, they should be groomed. That may seem apparent, but dirt eliminated by grooming is dirt that is not lying around the house. While you shouldn’t use pet shampoo too frequently, a brief rinse with plain water may make a big impact.

Keep wet pets in one location, especially one with an easy-to-clean floor, such as a laundry room or kitchen. Even better, completely dry them afterward to prevent smelling like a wet dog. You’ll need to give them a good wash every now and then using pet shampoo.

Remove Urine Stains

It is critical to wipe up any pee stains as soon as possible and completely in order to eradicate any scents and reduce the chance of the pet returning to the same location. Puppy urine is potent, and you may believe you have cleaned it all away.

Regrettably, uric acid frequently lingers. Products containing enzymes that neutralize uric acid are frequently the most effective. When administering the solution, always wipe up any surplus urine.

Keep Your Pets off of the Upholstery

It comes down to personal taste whether or not you let your pet on the couch. Some dog owners like having their canine companions cuddle up next to them while sitting on the living room sofa. Pets, on the other hand, may wreak havoc on furniture by leaving behind filth, dog hair, and stains.

Restricting access to furniture is a fair option that may help your pet develop boundaries while extending your furniture’s life.

Addressing Odor

Pet odor might be difficult to eliminate, but there are methods for keeping your house smelling pleasant. To neutralize odors, use an odor-eliminating spray or diffuser.

Baking soda is also a natural odor absorber that may be used to remove pet scents from carpets and furniture. To keep pet bedding and blankets fresh, wash them on a regular basis. If you have a litter box, clean it every day to keep the smells at bay.

Clean Your Pets Bedding

It is important to maintain a regular cleaning strategy, whether it is washing your dog’s or cat’s bedding or cleaning out a bird, small animal, or reptile enclosure. Dirty cages may cause odors in your house, discomfort for your pet, and a buildup of germs and bacteria, which can lead to sickness or infection.

Hire-an-expert-housekeeping-serviceIf your cat uses a litter box, it should be cleaned out on a regular basis, and the quality of the litter you use can make a significant impact. A hooded litter box will also assist in keeping stray litter and odors contained while also providing your cat with additional privacy.

Hire an expert housekeeping service in Downers Grove

A cleaning company can also do its best to clean your property, but in the case of pets, there are multiple services you’ll need, including carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, dirty marks on the window and a garage that needs exhaustive cleaning.

Hire Helping Hands cleaning services in Clarendon Hills, IL, to clean your entire house quickly but properly with the right tools, no matter if you need a standard home maintenance service or a thorough cleaning before you move into your new home located near Downers Grove South High School.

You can request a quote by clicking here or by calling us at (630) 530 1324.


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