What You Don’t Know About Using Aluminum Foil for Cleaning

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Spending time in the kitchen to try a new recipe or whip up a batch of cookies is fun. It’s also a good way to relax and let go of the day’s stresses. It’s no wonder millions turned to cooking during the pandemic. One survey showed that 59% of Americans started a new hobby these past two years. Cooking and baking were the second most popular hobby embraced. It’s sandwiched between reading and gardening.

The downside of making sourdough bread or feta pasta is the cleanup. It’s a rare individual who loves to scrub pans or clean the kitchen. It’s fortunate that there are shortcuts you can use to make general house cleaning go faster. One such hack is using aluminum foil for cleaning.

Aluminum foil is always found in every American kitchen. It helps keep food fresh. But it can also make kitchen cleanups a breeze. Try out these hacks and experience them for yourself.

Simple Catchall for Quick Oven Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like roasting a pork belly or baking your own bread. The oven is a marvelous invention. But its inventor didn’t take into account all the effort it takes to clean it. It’s a good thing the aluminum foil was then created.

You can use the foil to cover the oven’s lower rack. It will serve as a basin to catch any spills or drips during cooking. It’s simple to make and easier to clean. You take the foil out when you’re done and throw it away. Make sure you place the foil on the rack though. Never put it on the oven’s floor. This could result in a fire.

Be the Grill Master You Want to Be

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Grilling is a big part of American celebrations. The challenge is getting that food build-up off those grates. It’s something you should do before you put those grills away. Scrubbing it with brushes could work. But it’s time-consuming and some gunk is difficult to remove.

Those burnt food bits have nothing on aluminum foil. Make a ball out of this shiny foil. Pour water over the grill grates. Begin scrubbing once the grates are wet. Any stuck food will slough off like butter. Rinse and repeat until all the charred bits are gone.

This hack also works on frying pans and pots. Sprinkle baking soda or a bit of salt on the pan’s bottom. Get a ball of foil. Dampen it like a sponge and start scrubbing away. It can cut away the grease and remove burnt food bits.

Bring Back the Shine to Your Chrome 

Chrome faucets and hardware look nice in the kitchen. But water and heat can cause stains and rust to appear. You can bring the shine back to your chrome sink and faucets with a few strips of aluminum foil.

Start by cleaning the rusty item using water and soap. Get a small piece of foil. Fold it into a square. Try to make one with at least four layers. Dip the foil in ordinary water and scrub away. Don’t add soap to the water. You should also use a gentle scrubbing motion to prevent scratches. You’ll soon see rust flakes falling off. Dip the foil into the water from time to time. Keep going until the chrome is back to its shiny self.

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