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How to Clean Houseplants

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You’ll want to keep houseplants tidy because they’re part of your interior décor. Cleaning houseplants is also a vital part of keeping them healthy and allows you to check for pests. It is not difficult to learn how to clean houseplants.

Cleaning houseplants may be accomplished in a variety of ways. The ideal procedure is ultimately determined by a few aspects, including the kind of plant and leaves, as well as how unclean they are. In this post, experts who offer house cleaning services in Lombard, IL, will show you how to clean houseplants like a pro. Let’s begin.

Why Should You Clean Houseplants?

There are various advantages to cleaning your houseplants. Eliminating the dust and particles that collect on your plants’ leaves initially enhances their look. Furthermore, it aids in the removal of insects and pests that might harm the plants.

Cleaning your houseplants on a daily basis allows you to spot pest issues early and take the required actions to remedy them. Additionally, cleaning houseplants improve their wellness by enabling them to breathe more easily. When leaves are coated with dust, plants are unable to absorb as much air, which can result in poor development and other health problems.

Cleaning Tools For Plants

Before you begin cleaning your houseplants, you must have the necessary equipment and materials. You will require the following items:

  • Soft-bristled brush: it will Gently brush off the dirt and dust from the leaves
  • Spray Container: Fill a spray bottle halfway with clean water to spritz the leaves and remove any dirt.
  • Clean Cloth: Clean up the leaves with a clean cloth to eliminate any leftover debris.
  • Cleaning Solution: If you see any pests or bugs on your plants, apply an insecticidal solution to eliminate them.
  • Cutting scissors: Trim any dead leaves or branches with them.

Rinse Your Houseplants Daily

Daily rinsing with lukewarm water is the best preventative measure you can take to avoid soiled leaves. Avoid using cold water, which can produce leaf spots and shock the roots, but keep in mind that houseplants are almost all from the tropics and are acclimated to warm rains.

Place little houseplants in the kitchen sink to rinse them. If you have a sprayer on your kitchen tap, use that; alternatively, use a spray bottle. However, if you want to have all plants cleaned professionally by expert cleaners, then hire Helping Hands cleaners.

Cleaning Grime Build-up

With an old toothbrush, remove dust from fuzzy-leaved houseplants. African violets and other houseplants with bristly foliage can be dusted with a soft toothbrush. Clean the leaf with moderate strokes of the toothbrush while holding it with your free hand. Each leaf should be worked from the base to the tip. 

Periodically remove any dust from the toothbrush. You may use this method with a toothbrush, a paintbrush with soft bristles, a pipe cleaner, or perhaps a plant with fuzzy leaves. Swish small-leaf houseplants in water to eliminate dust.

Remove Dead Leaves

Regularly remove any dead or yellowing leaves from your houseplants. Some plants may be removed with a gentle tug or a tiny twist of your wrist. If a leaf refuses to come off, don’t force it since you can damage stems or uproot the entire plant. 

Instead, cut the leaf as near to the stem as possible with flower snips or scissors. Ferns are an exception; reach beneath their green fronds and clip any brown leaf stalks at the soil level. Furthermore, cut or remove any leafless, stringy stems on your ferns.

Shower the Plants 

Do this process once a year or every few years. It’s perfect for dusty plants like Christmas Cacti and Philodendrons, especially when they’re huge. Put the plants in a tepid water shower. If they are large, place them on waterproof supports.

Employ a handheld shower, adjust the water temperature as needed, and gently wash the leaves to remove all filth and build-up. Now, don’t spray for too long. Let it dry by dripping. Lastly, after drying, return to their original location.

Types of Houseplants that Require Cleaning

Cleaning benefits all houseplants, but some need more care than others. Plants with big leaves, like the Rubber plant, Monstera, and Fiddle Leaf Fig, accumulate more dust and debris than smaller plants. 

Plants with hairy leaves, like African Violets and Boston Ferns, require more frequent cleaning since their leaves retain dust and dirt. Succulents and Cacti require cleaning as well, although less regularly than other plants since their leaves are smaller and far less susceptible to dust accumulation.

Want to book professional house cleaning services in Lombard, ILWant to book professional house cleaning services in Lombard, IL?

Hiring professional cleaners for your plant cleaning is one of the best ideas because there are several types of plants that require cleaning, and the cleaning methods are not the same for every plant.

You can hire Helping Hands cleaning service in Lombard, if you live around the area. Our cleaners will not only clean your houseplants, but also provide you with in-depth house cleaning services while you enjoy a leisurely walk by the Maple Street Chapel with your loved ones. 

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