Back To School House Cleaning

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Back To School is the BEST Time to Schedule House Cleaning!

With summertime nearing a close, it’s time to start planning for back to school. Oftentimes, parents think that they will have more time to get things done when the kids go back to school, but that is not always the case. When the kids go back to school, our job as parents gets even busier. We now have to make lunches, drive them to school, pick them up, help with homework, volunteer, control the back to school “mess” of books, papers, backpacks, jackets and sweaters all over the floor. We also have to keep the kitchen in order after back-to-school snacks explode all over the floor and the counter. It is sometimes like a cyclone of crumbs and wrappers, after the kids come home from school!

As parents, we may have been waiting for extra time to work on projects that have been put on hold, or to find time to work on our own jobs or hobbies. Many parents love this time of the day to catch up on things, but when the kids get home, all of the school related items get thrown about and dropped in the floor. It just happens all at once. 

When kids go back to school, we may have more hours of the day to get things done, but as you know, sometimes those hours just aren’t enough to finish everything we have planned. That’s where we come in! You can call our team of Helping Hands Cleaning Services to help you maintain a clean home while you go out and do the important things! You can have more time for everything on your list and more quality time with your family, if you hire us to help with the cleaning tasks.

Booking a cleaning service for scheduled cleanings each week, or every other week, can free up so many hours of your day. With the kids now back at school, you can create a schedule of things that you need to get done. You can do the things that you need to do, like a part time job, or do things you enjoy. Do what is important to you and leave the cleaning to us! 

When you book our cleaning team to visit your house on a regularly scheduled basis, you can free up almost 4 hours of cleaning time every week! By allowing us to do the cleaning tasks for you at your home, we can help you with the vacuuming, the sweeping and mopping, the dusting, the dishes, collecting the trash, picking up household items, and general home cleanup tasks. You would save so much time by allowing our team to clean your home for you. 

Choose Helping Hands Cleaning Services to help you with the cleaning tasks. We provide the highest quality of cleaning for your home. We hire motivated individuals, and we are licensed and insured. Our staff members are also trained to do all cleaning tasks the right way. Also, we offer convenient scheduling so that your day is not disrupted. There are no contracts, which means that you are not tied down to any commitment. Upon request, we clean windows, refrigerators and ovens, too. To schedule an appointment with the best in the business, contact us today. We serve the greater Chicagoland area. Give us a call today and let us help you keep your house clean while you work on other things!

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