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At Helping Hands, we pride ourselves on being the leading residential cleaning provider in Elmhurst, specializing in professional home cleaning services. We understand the unique challenges and requirements that come with maintaining a pristine and healthy living space, which is why we’re committed to delivering unparalleled service and personalized solutions to keep your home in top shape. Plus, we have a hand-picked team trained in eco-friendly procedures that leave no toxic or harmful residue behind.

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One-Time cleaning

Our one-time apartment cleaning services are perfect for hosting a special holiday party or having guests over. It is also effective for restoring your home’s freshness if you have strayed from your housekeeping schedule.

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Move-in Cleaning

With our move-in cleaning service, we’ll make sure your new Elmhurst home is ready for you. This way, all you have to worry about is unpacking, sorting your belongings, and getting to know your new surroundings.

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Move Out Cleaning

If you are moving out and you’re stressed about getting your deposit back, check out our condo and apartment move out cleaning services. We’ll make sure that you’ll leave your place properly sanitized and hygienic.

Your Healthy Home Starts With Us

Our house cleaning experts possess the talent and methodologies that will bring shine and sparkle to every inch of your home.

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Keep your place in Elmhurst spotless with our checklist

Kitchen cleaning:

✔️ Wipe down and disinfect the outside of all the appliances
✔️ Wipe off all countertops, drawers, and cupboards
✔️ Clean the stove
✔️ Wipe hoods and vents
✔️ Clean the microwave inside and out
✔️ Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator
✔️ Clean the sink and sink drain
✔️ Replace the dirty garbage bag with a clean one
✔️ Clean windows and mop the floors

Cleaning living room:

✔️ Dust all surfaces and polish wood furniture
✔️ Disinfect light switches
✔️ Vacuum all sofas and under furniture
✔️ Mop hard-surface floors and vacuum all rugs
✔️ Clean away all cobwebs
✔️ Wash windows
✔️ Dust baseboards and moldings

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Cleaning Tiles | Helping Hands Cleaning Services
Cleaning bathroom:

✔️ Sanitize and clean the toilet
✔️ Clean and sanitize sinks, tub, and/or shower
✔️ Shine the faucet and mirrors with a window cleaner
✔️ Clean tile surfaces and grout
✔️ Clear the tub/shower

Cleaning bedrooms:

✔️ Replace the used linens of slept-in beds with fresh ones
✔️ Clear any trash
✔️ Dust all surfaces
✔️ Clean windows
✔️ Disinfect light switches or remotes
✔️ Dust/clean light fixtures/ceiling fans
✔️ Empty all dressers and closets
✔️ Dust furniture
✔️ Vacuum under the bed
✔️ Sweep or vacuum the floor

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Cleaning Utility Rooms | Helping Hands Cleaning Services
Cleaning utility rooms:

✔️ Clean dryer lint screen
✔️ Wipeout washer and dryer
✔️ Disinfect the machine knobs, buttons, and doors
✔️ Clean the sink and clear out the sink drain
✔️ Clean windows and blinds
✔️ Dust baseboards and moldings
✔️ Clean/vacuum floors and rugs



Seasoned experts you can depend on

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As a company with decades of experience, we guarantee quality consistency and complete customer satisfaction. We have a team of highly skilled, fully bonded, and insured professionals. In our business, we’re passionate about upholding the finest industry practices. This is also the reason we only hire technicians who follow a highly standardized process to ensure every home in Elmhurst gets a thorough treatment on a consistent basis. We can also help you with a one-time apartment or condo cleaning if that’s what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to clean a 1 bedroom apartment?

    Cleaning a 1-bedroom apartment in Elmhurst can take varying amounts of time depending on factors like the apartment's size, its current state, and the method used.

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    On average, a detailed session might take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, while a simple upkeep could be completed within 1-2 hours.

  • How do I prepare my house for cleaning?

    Although it's not necessary to spruce up your living space, doing a bit of preparation before the house cleaners arrive can make their work easier.

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    This might involve tidying up clutter, washing dirty dishes, securing breakable items, and setting up a separate area for pets that might be nervous around new people.

  • What’s the going rate for apartment & condo cleaning?

    The cost of apartment and condo cleaning services in Elmhurst and its surroundings depends on several factors:

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    • The size of your apartment/condo
    • Its current condition
    • Any additional requests

    Feel free to contact us for more information. Our team will provide you with a precise quote on the spot based on your detailed specifications.

  • What should I look for in a house cleaning service?

    When hiring reliable apartment cleaners in Elmhurst, make sure they are among the industry's leaders. Here’s how to differentiate amateurs from real pros:

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    • Seasoned team
    • Quality equipment and eco-friendly products
    • Seamless communication and easy booking
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Who offers comprehensive apartment & condo cleanings near me in Elmhurst, IL and beyond?

    Helping Hands is a locally-operated business with a long history of providing quality housekeeping services. We are well-positioned to meet a wide variety of different housekeeping needs, including:

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