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Why Helping Hands

Your search for the best cleaning company ends here.
Whether this is your first time or tenth time searching for a cleaning service that works for you, you’ll know that it is a real challenge. And we get it, it can be very unnerving giving strangers keys and access into your home. In the words of Dan DiClerco of HomeAdvisor “Having a housekeeper is a luxury, but so worth it” yet he adds “expect to spend time to find the right person.” At Helping Hands, as a cleaning service you can have full confidence in, we are dedicated to helping you end your worrisome search.

Professional vs Individual Cleaning

In choosing a cleaning service you must first decide which service is right for you, whether that be professional or individual.

As a professional cleaning company besides the obvious priorities of providing each and every customer the satisfaction of a beautifully cleaned home we also take into consideration the safety of our customers as a top priority. Each employee, before being hired, is screened with a background check done on them to ensure they can be trusted to enter the homes of our valued clients.

In addition to ensuring your safety we also provide reliability. As a professional company in business since 2001 we have strived for our clients to be able to always rely on someone to show up when you have your scheduled cleaning. If you were to hire a private individual to clean your home before a big family party you are hosting, you will be out of luck if they cancel because they get sick.


Furthermore, should you choose to hire Helping Hands, you will be able to set some worries aside knowing that the cleaners you are letting into your house are part of a company with general liability insurance, in order to protect cleaning staff should they accidentally break a window, as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

Our Customized Approach To Cleaning

Some may argue, however, that you cannot get as personalized of an experience with a service that you do with an individual. While it is true that when you hire an individual you can often easily arrange for them to do extra tasks such as folding laundry or doing dishes when you are busy.

At Helping Hands, although we are a company with over 600 clients, our mission is to treat every client with a personal approach. We have an incredible office staff in place that communicates directly with our cleaning teams in order to accommodate all your requests and concerns.

We look forward to being able to provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your house will be professionally cleaned by a reliable, trustworthy, and personable company.

6 Criteria for Choosing A Cleaning Service

Criteria #1: Avoid choosing a cleaning service purely based upon price.

Be aware of vendors who:

  • Present one quote and then ask for more money when they arrive at your home and start cleaning.
  • Use unscreened or uninsured cleaners, independent contractors.
  • Ask you to provide cleaning products and equipment or use poor quality products and equipment. .

Criteria #2: Request written quotes.

The best cleaning services provide written quotes and offer multiple packages of service, 6-month and 1-year service agreements, and additional services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and other  through their certified affiliates.

Criteria #3: 100% Guarantee

We are so confident with the quality of our services that if you are not happy we will clean your home again until you are happy.


Criteria #4: Double check their credibility.

Request testimonials from other clients and reach reviews. Also, make sure they are a member of ARCSI (Association of residential Cleaning Services International) or ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association). 

Criteria #5: Insured and Bonded

Make sure the cleaners who will be in your home or office are insured for theft, breakage and damage, as well as being pre-screened for criminal activity and drugs.

Criteria #6: Make sure your cleaning company is using all of the current cleaning techniques and tools such as:

  • Provide extensive training to their employees
  • Aprons to ensure all necessary cleaning tools are easily available
  • Microfiber towels
  • Commercial grade cleaning products
  • Long dusters to consistently remove cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Commercial grade vacuums to draw dust and dirt from floors versus brooms which simply spread the dirt and dust throughout the air again
  • Feather dusters which remove dust from plants, crevices and light fixtures

Why Helping Hands?

Helping Hands


  • In order to hire the best employees we administer a personality test, run a Federal and State background check for misdemeanors and felonies, and perform a pre-employment drug test. We can interview as many as 10-15 applicants before we find the right candidate.
  • We have a considerably lower turnover rate than industry standards, with many of our cleaners possessing longevity of 8 years or more. Much of our success is due to great wages and bonuses, flexible scheduling, good benefits, and personal and career development.
  • Our employees are paid hourly and not given more homes than they can responsibly handle in a professional manner each day. Our goal is to keep our employees for a lifetime, not wear them out in a day.
  • We have successfully served hundreds and hundreds of clients since our beginnings because we deliver quality service every time we clean, not just the first couple of times. Many of our clients have been with us since we began in 2001.
  • We value our clients’ homes! In order to be able to perform the highest quality cleaning every time, All our cleaning technicians undergo a thorough and intensive two-week training program followed by a test on procedures, cleaning systems, and cleaning products.

Our Competitors

  • Most companies hire the first person who walks in the door. They do not perform a personality test, a background check or a drug test. 

  • Our competitors are running as much as 400% turnover due to percentage pay, overworking cleaners by over scheduling, no paid vacation or benefits, and most importantly, no time spent with employees developing their careers. 

  • The majority of our competitors’ cleaners are paid by percentage which guarantees the company’s net profit. 

  • 85% of companies clean less than 100 repeat clients because they cannot perform quality cleanings consistently. We regularly obtain unhappy repeat customers from our competitors. 

  • Our competitors often do not train their team at all or have a short 1-day training program. As a result they provide poor quality work and often damage is done to their furniture due to a lack of knowledge of products.

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