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What Is the Best Way To Clean The Bathtub

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Have you ever wondered what is the best way to clean your bathtub? Without much of a surprise, only a few people are aware of the techniques. 

Imagine yourself having a hard day at work. It would be the perfect time to spend several minutes in your bathtub relaxing after a long day. But how can you make sure that it’s clean? You don’t want to soak in a dirty tub, do you? 

Read on and we’ll share the best ways to clean your bathtub. 

Remember, if you ignore cleaning your bathtub and put it off, it will be harder for you in the future. Regularly cleaning your bathtub should only take you around 10 minutes. That’s not too much time, is it? 

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathtub? 

How often you clean your bathtub depends on how often it is being used. For example, a home with one bathtub and a family of four must be cleaned more regularly than a home with a single person living in it. Generally, cleaning your tub once a week is highly recommended. 

Tools for Cleaning Your Bathtub 

The tools for your bathtub aren’t expensive. In fact, some of these can be found in your home. 

  • Bucket 
  • Brush 
  • Dish soap 
  • Baking soda 
  • Tile cleaner 
  • Spray bottle for bleach 
  • Gloves 
  • Goggles

Steps in Cleaning Your Bathtub 

Follow these steps and have a clean bathtub every single time. 

  1. Get a bucket of hot water and pour it all over your bathtub. 
  2. Use baking soda or a special tub cleaner to remove dirt on the surfaces. 
  3. Prepare a half-gallon of water and dish soap. 
  4. With a brush, dip it into the solution and start scrubbing your tub. 
  5. Rinse the bathtub once you are satisfied.  
  6. Polish the drain, handles, and faucet with a clean cloth. 


If you don’t have the time to do it on your own, contact a professional residential cleaning company.

Best Practices When Cleaning a Bathtub 

Here are more tips to effectively clean your bathtub.

Protect Your Knees

Cleaning your bathtub can be slightly painful. Feel free to use knee pads if you have any. But if you don’t have a pair, you can use a towel folded lengthwise as an alternative. 

Clean Your Bathtub Last 

When you are cleaning your shower, save your tub for last. If you start with your bathtub, you may need to re-do it as you wash your shower walls. As a rule of thumb, start at the top first.

Use DIY Solution for a Slow Drain  

If your bathtub has a slow drain, you can do your own solution by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Wait for the bubbles to stop and drain. 


Making a paste out of baking soda and water could also help remove the stubborn stains.  

Cleaning An Acrylic Tub 

If you have an acrylic tub, you must be careful with your cleaning products. Harsh cleaners can make your tub look dull. To be on the safe side, create a solution using baking soda, dish soap and lemon juice. When the solution is already foamy, coat the tub using a sponge and wait for half an hour. Once finished, use a wet sponge and then clean the bathtub from top to bottom. Rinse until everything is clean. 

Cleaning Fiberglass or Porcelain Tub 

For fiberglass and porcelain tubs, use vinegar as a cleaner and disinfectant. Just spray the whole tub and wait for 20 minutes for the solution to work. Using a damp cloth, scrub the surface to loosen soap residues. 


If your tub is filthy, use vinegar, baking soda and hot water. Let it sit for an hour and repeat as needed. 

Removing Different Stains From Your Bathtub 

Different stains can affect the look of your bathtub. Here are some guides to help you remove these from your tub. 

Rust Stains

Get borax powder and lemon juice to make a paste. To do this, sprinkle the borax on the rust stains and rub the lemon until paste forms. Wait for half an hour before rinsing. 

Hard Water Stains 

Use strong vinegar and apply it directly to affected areas using paper towels. Wait for a couple of hours and scrub with vinegar and baking soda paste. Rinse well. 

What To Do With A Bathtub With Mold 

When your bathtub has mildew or mold, bleach and hot water can do the trick. Place the solution in a spray bottle and apply it to affected areas. Let the bleach soak first before adding baking soda. Once done, you can clean your bathtub using the general steps above.


Bleach can be harmful so you will need to protect yourself as you clean your bathroom. You can wear a mask, glass, and gloves. 

Avoid Doing the Following When Cleaning The Tub 

We know that some of you might get too excited to remove the stains from your bathtub. However, you could damage it if you are not too careful. Below are a few things you have to keep in mind. 

  • Do not attempt to mix cleaning products 
  • Do not use abrasive brushes that might scratch the surface 
  • Do not use chemicals if you do not have good ventilation 
  • Do not wear new clothes as the chemicals might ruin it 
  • Do not leave a bathtub clutter before cleaning 

Should You Clean Your Bathtub Every Time You Use It? 

If possible, clean your bathtub after every use. Just rinse it using warm water and wipe down the moisture using a sponge. This can help you in the long run because you don’t have to worry about residues or mold build-up. 

Get Helping Hands To Clean Your Bathtub 

If you want your bathtub to look like the ones from hotels, hire a professional cleaning service. Helping Hands has one of the best teams around  that can do the job for you

For appointments or to request a quote, call (630) 530-1324. Our friendly representatives will accommodate you right away.

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