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Best and Most Popular Closet Storage Ideas For You

Closet Storage Ideas | Helping Hands Cleaning Services

Do you always put off organizing your closet? Perhaps, you feel like there’s no hope in achieving a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe cabinet. Yes, keeping your closet storage organized can be challenging, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on a built-in system. There are several DIY solutions to keep your closet neat and tidy.

You can use the most basic tricks like having matching slim felt hangers to keep clothes from slipping. You can also try some surprising hacks like organizing your handbags with acrylic file folders or attaching shower rings to hangers for your scarves.

If you want to know more about the best and most popular closet storage ideas. Keep scrolling. But first, let’s learn why you should keep your closet well-organized


Why You Should Keep Your Closet Storage Organized

Whether you have a small or big closet, you should always use your storage space in an efficient way. You don’t want to spend too much time in your closet looking for your favorite shirt, especially if you’re short on time.

Closets are often the most disorganized area in a room. They are usually filled with items that you do not use or even want. According to studies, most people wear only 20 percent of the clothes in their closet. 

Organizing your closet should be simple and relaxing for you. You can even redesign it to become effective and well-organized.

Here are some important reasons of getting your closet storage organized:

● Saves Time

With an organized closet, you’ll have easy and quick access to all your items and clothing. That’s because everything is now visible and within reach. That means you can save time from trying to find your stuff and use that time to do more productive things.  Maybe spend more time for sleep, relaxing or doing your hobbies. 

● Less Stress

Nothing feels better than coming home to a clean and organized space. It instantly calms your mind, relieves your stress, and makes your space feel like a sanctuary. An organized closet also reduces arguments between roommates or family members (think about a missing wardrobe and blaming your sister or roommate for getting it. Yikes!). A clutter-free closet prevents important belongings from getting lost and therefore lessens your anxiety. 

● Take Better Care Of Your Items

It’s tempting to throw your clothes on the floor or use that vacant chair to hang your stuff when you don’t have a designated place for them.  However, doing so won’t help keep the original beauty of your things. If you want your clothing and accessories to last longer, you got to take care of them.

Start by having a storage box, shelf, or drawer for everything you have and then labelling them. This way, your stuff are stored properly and won’t get musty, dusty, or wrinkled.

Best and Most Popular Closet Storage Ideas For You

You don’t need to have a large closet to keep your items organized. You can find several solutions designed to help you create more space. These solutions are easy to install and good for your budget. They can also help you gain control over your wardrobe.

The following are some of the best and most popular closet storage ideas for you:

● Vertical Hanging Space

As you begin to organize your closet, think about maximizing its space. This includes having a vertical hanging storage. Setting up clothing racks are perfect for keeping ironed or dry cleaned items wrinkle-free. You can also add a clothing rod above or below an existing rod to use as additional hanging space for skirts, shirts, and jackets. 

● Closet Door to Store Your Shoes

You may find it a hassle to sort through your shoes if you store them in a pile on the closet floor. You should consider storing your most-used pairs of shoes on the inside of your closet door. You can install a simple shoe caddy on the door to achieve this look.

● Hang Your Tank Tops and Accessories

It is difficult to store small articles of clothing and accessories. Instead of piling them in bins or drawers, you should hang some of them from a single hanger. You can do this trick for your tank tops, scarves, belts, ties, and necklaces, among others.

● Use Quality Hangers

Keep your closet simple by using a good basic slim, felt hanger. This works for most articles of clothing. Having matching hangers will give your closet a more visually-appealing and organized look. This also inspires you to keep your closet organized.

● Label Your Storage Spaces

If you want an easier way to find your items, you should label your storage. It is useful for opaque storage bins and bins on a high shelf. You can use a label maker to get the job done fast. You can also DIY your own labels from craft paper or cardboard and tie them to your bins.

● Add Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers help organize your limited closet shelf space. They make folding and stacking your clothing easier and your shelf looks a lot neater too. The dividers will keep every item in your closet in place. They also ensure that your pile of clothes doesn’t topple over.

● Store Some Items in Small Bins and Baskets

Keep small articles of clothing and accessories in bins and baskets. You can also organize them by category. They are helpful to add to hard-to-reach shelves. That’s because you only have to grab the whole bin rather than reach around to find a specific item. In these bins, you can store items like belts, hats and gloves, tights, and off-season clothing.

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