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How To Get Melted Crayons Out of Clothes

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Learning how to get melted crayons out of your clothes is a skill you can surely put to use especially if you have artistic kids around. 

Crayons are toddlers’ best friends, and as adults, we are fascinated to see them create their own masterpieces. We want to support their love for the arts but we hate seeing melted crayons ruining their clothes. So what’s the best solution for it? Don’t worry as this article can help you. 

Remove Melted Crayons From Clothes 

Once you’ve seen that there are melted crayons on your clothes, you can try the following tips. 

Boil a Pot of Water 

You need boiling water to remove all the melted crayons or stains. Fill your large pot with water and use your stovetop to boil. 

Set Your Washer to Hot

Place your clothes into the washer and use the hottest setting. Once done, add the boiling water and use your usual laundry detergent. 

Create Your Vinegar and Dish Soap Solution 

Make a solution using ½ cup vinegar and five tablespoons of dish soap. Soak your clothes for 15 minutes before running the washer. 

Remove Melted Crayons From Clothes Using Front Load Washing Machine 

If you are using a front load washer, there are a few steps you have to follow. 

You can set your washer to the sanitize cycle and load your clothes with melted crayons. Pour ½ white vinegar and four tablespoons of dish soap into your clothes. If you have an automatic soak cycle, use it and let it run for half an hour. Add your detergent and turn on the cycle. 

Remove Melted Crayons From Clothes After Leaving in the Dryer  

As a rule of thumb, you must check the pockets of your clothes or pants before you throw them into your washing machine. But yes, there are moments where little things such as crayons make their way to your dryer unnoticed. If you happen to experience this, don’t panic. Here are a few things that can help you. 

Wait for The Wax To Dry 

You don’t have to do anything at first but wait for the wax to dry. When it’s completely dry, scrape it off using a knife. If you think using a knife will ruin your clothes, you can always use a credit card or similar tools instead.

Get a White Paper Towel 

You can place your white paper towel on a flat surface like your counter and lay the stained part of your clothes on top of it. 

Oil It Up  

Use butter, mayonnaise, cooking oil, or WD-40 to remove the stain. If you will use oil, apply it first to a clean white cloth and blot both sides of the affected area. If you choose WD-40, just spray it on the stain and do it on both sides. 

When done, wait for 15 minutes and scrape the excess crayons. 

Apply Laundry Detergent or Dish Soap 

Rub the dish soap or laundry detergent using your fingers or an old toothbrush. Wait for another 15 minutes and wash your clothes using oxygen-based bleach. Make sure to put your washer in a heavy soil setting and use the hottest possible water temperature for your fabric. 

Soak Your Clothes  

Before you put your clothes into your dryer, check if the stain is still visible. If yes, soak it in warm water with oxygen-based bleach. Wait overnight and wash it in the morning. 

This is a tedious task and you need tons of patience, but if you think you’d rather do other things, then give professional cleaners a call. Helping Hands could do it for you. Reach out to us right now. 

Remove Melted Crayon Stains From Your Dryer Drum 

In case the crayons stain your dryer drum, you need to clean it right away. If you don’t, it can transfer the stain to your other clothes. Fortunately, cleaning it is easy. 

You can use WD-40 and soak the waxy areas of your dryer drum. Wait for a few minutes and scrub using a rubber scraper. Using an old cloth, wipe the drum clean. 

After you’ve done the above steps, place your old towels and run your dryer for about 10 minutes to make sure that there is no oil residue. 

Remove Melted Crayons From Car Upholstery

Apart from your clothes, car upholstery can get melted crayons. After all, kids love to draw or color during long rides. And when they accidentally leave crayons, the heat of the sun can melt them. Again, there’s no need to panic because you can clean it on your own. Here’s what our experts advise. 

Get your trusty WD-40 and apply a generous amount to the affected area of your car upholstery. With a butter knife, scrape the loosened wax. When done, apply a dry cleaning solvent to a white cloth and dab it on the stain. Air-dry the seat and you are done. 

Why Should You Wait for Melted Crayons To Dry First?

Never attempt to remove melted crayons from your clothes. If you do that, chances are, the stain will just smear. This is the reason why we ask you to wait for it to dry. Others use ice to speed up the process. You can place ice cubes in a plastic bag and wait for the wax to harden. 

Can You Use Iron To Remove Melted Crayons From Clothes? 

Another technique is to use a paper towel on the affected area of your clothes. Press the iron onto the paper and wait for a few seconds. This should transfer the crayons from the fabric to the paper. However, you need to be careful as this can damage your fabric. 

If you want to make sure that your clothes will remain in their top condition after removing crayon stains, let professionals do it for you. 

Helping Hands Is The Best  

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is one of the best teams to handle all your cleaning needs. Over the years, we’ve managed to help many people with their cleaning needs and provided excellent services. Call us right now! 

For appointments or to request a quote, call (630) 530-1324.

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