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How to Keep Your Home Clean 7 Days a Week

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Keeping our homes clean isn’t just about looks; it’s about the health and well-being of our families too. But let’s face it, with our jam-packed schedules, ensuring a spotless living space sometimes feels like climbing Mount Everest. If you’re swamped, outsourcing your household chores to professional cleaning services might be a game-changer. 

On the other hand, however, if you’re a hands-on kind of person, breaking the task into manageable bits can make it less daunting. It’s all about making simple, effective habits stick. So, if you’re looking for some tips to make your Western Springs home sparkle seven days a week, you’re in the right spot. 

Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

It’s one thing to give each space a thorough cleaning now and again, but how can you keep your home clutter-free every day of the week? Try making a cleaning schedule! 

While there is no “best” time to clean your house, you may devise a cleaning timetable that works for your family’s specific routine.

Make a list of key points on your refrigerator, desk, or any place in your line of sight to help you and your family stay organized. Your cleaning schedule should contain not just what has to be done but also when.

You can keep your house pristinely all year by dividing basic housekeeping activities into daily, weekly, and even monthly cleaning routines. You can also get help from the professional cleaners of Helping Hands cleaning services in Melrose Park, IL, in creating the optimal schedule.

Put Everything In Its Place

Always putting your items away is a simple practice that may help you maintain your house neat and tidy throughout the week. This concerted effort is to restore items to their proper places after usage rather than leaving them out to clutter up your living area.

Take a minute as you wander through your house to scan for anything that needs to be put away. Make sure everything is in its proper place, whether it’s a pair of shoes by the front entrance or a dish in the sink. 

By following this step consistently, you can minimize little heaps of debris from becoming larger problems and keep your house appearing and feeling tidy every day.

Make Your Bed Everyday Morning

Making your bed every day may appear to be a minor effort, but it tremendously influences your house’s cleanliness and general aesthetic. It creates order in your home and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Making your bed also helps keep dust and filth at bay while making your bedroom seem more organized. You can prevent dust and other particles from gathering on the surface of your bed during the day by drawing up the sheets and smoothing up the covers. 

This means you’ll have less work to do when cleaning it thoroughly, and your bedroom will immediately seem neater and put together.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A pleasant and secure atmosphere for you and your family begins with keeping your kitchen clean. Sticking to a cleaning plan and implementing the 20-minute-per-day rules are two ways to do this. Give a little time to clean your kitchen after each meal to have a clean space.

Keep your kitchen tidy regularly by putting dishes away and keeping an empty sink. Clean and disinfect your counters regularly, arrange your pantry and refrigerator, sweep and mop the floor, and clean your appliances using steel cleaner. Also, don’t forget the garbage disposal.

By implementing these habits into your daily routine, you can effortlessly keep a clean and tidy kitchen. Remember that keeping your kitchen clean will keep your family healthy and safe.

Wash Dishes and Laundry Regularly 

Cleaning dishes and doing laundry are essential duties that may quickly collect and cause clutter in your house. However, incorporating them into your daily routine lets you keep your house clean and tidy all week. 

To avoid bad odors and the gathering of pests, wash dishes promptly after use. Immediately putting dishes away after washing them also aids in keeping the kitchen orderly and clean. 

Similarly, a washing plan keeps dirty items from stacking up and causing disorder in your house. You can maintain a clean and orderly living area daily by emphasizing frequent dish and laundry cleaning.

Cleaning Bathroom, Dusting, and Vacuuming

Cleaning your bathroom and vacuuming regularly will help keep your house a healthy place to live. The restroom is a frequently used space that quickly becomes filthy and unhygienic. 

It’s essential to frequently clean surfaces like the sink, toilet, shower, and floor to avoid the accumulation of filth and bacteria. Doing this guarantees your bathroom is safe and immaculately clean. 

Dusting and vacuuming are also crucial for keeping your house clean and allergen-free. Dust may easily gather on surfaces such as bookcases, tables, and devices, causing allergies and respiratory problems. 

Regular dusting and vacuuming may keep dust and other particles at bay, keeping your house fresh and clean. Make it a practice to dust and vacuum your home twice a week, and you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner and healthier it feels.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

A weekly cleaning routine keeps your house tidy and organized without making you feel overburdened. The ideal weekly plan with short and simple daily chores is as follows:

  • Monday: Vacuum and dust the living spaces.
  • Tuesday: Scrub the restrooms.
  • Wednesday: Clean bedding and organize bedrooms, including your closets.
  • Thursday: Dust and vacuum the bedrooms and offices once again.
  • Friday: Clean the kitchen and quickly empty the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Saturday, clean the flooring in the main passageways.
  • Sunday: Day of rest; light cleaning as needed.

Who offers the best cleaning services in Western SpringsYou can easily keep a clean and organized house throughout the week by dividing cleaning jobs into smaller, more manageable chunks. Long-term time savings and a decreased sense of strain from cleaning is a benefit that comes with it as well.

Who offers the best cleaning services in Western Springs?

Whether you’re after a weekly touch-up or a deep monthly scrub, our expert team is the one to call. We follow the best industry practices, advanced cleaning tools and multipurpose quality equipment to make your space shine. No matter if you live near Ridge Acres Park or elsewhere in the area, you can count on us for extensive carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, and everything in between.

Get in touch for a quote by clicking here or just give us a ring at (630) 530 1324!

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