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Tips and Ways on How To Clean Cast Iron Cooking Wares

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Many people use cast iron cookware in their households, like pans and Dutch ovens. In the long run, they are less expensive than regular pans because they will last for generations with proper care.

You can use cast iron pans and Dutch ovens for frying and baking foods to perfection. With proper seasoning, this cookware is a terrific cooking tool. They are good for non-stick cooking on top of the stove and baking in the oven. Yes, cast iron pans are heavy. But it is worth the extra muscle power it takes to use this cookware.

Why Do People Use Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron is tough and difficult to ruin. Its toughness is usually the reason why there are old cast iron pans at yard sales and antique shops. Moreover, once cast iron is hot, it stays hot. Because of that, cast iron pans are great for searing meat. It is also great for keeping your food warm as it holds heat for a considerable length of time.

According to experts, every time you cook in your cast iron pans, you are making them better. That’s because you’re seasoning them. During the cooking process, your foods absorb a small amount of iron. Cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens display your food in a beautiful way. This is true when you use them for bread or pies.

Tips and Ways on How To Clean Cast Iron Cooking Wares

Using cast iron helps in reducing water use. After all, most days you can wipe excess oil and food bits out of your skillet. Or you only need to clean the Dutch oven with a paper towel or dedicated rag.

Do you need a deeper clean? Or do you wish to remove stuck-on foods on your cast iron? You only need to follow these simple steps on how to clean cast iron:
  1. First, scrub the cast iron with a brush or a stainless steel cleaning mesh. You can also use a salt scrub. Do this under warm water.

With a brush, you can dislodge food. It is also gentle on cast iron. A cast-iron salt scrub can also dislodge food and it is more gentle than a metal scrubber. A stainless cleaning mesh is more aggressive. But it adds to smoothing over time.

  1. Next, dry the cast iron on the stove or flame on low heat for a few minutes. Make sure to heat it until the water evaporates. It should be before the cast iron starts to smoke. This method helps in confirming that the cast iron is dry. It also reduces the risk of rust spots.
  2. After the cast iron is now cooled, do a light coat on the interior surface of the cast iron. Use a cooking oil, like olive or avocado. It is to maintain seasoning. You can also use a paper towel or dedicated rag.
  3. Are you planning on storing your cast iron for extended periods? Make sure that you cover your cast iron with a towel. This way, it can prevent dust from attaching to the oiled surface.

Are you cleaning the grates of a cast iron pan? It is crucial that you deter from using abrasive cleaning brushes or sponges. The best scrubber to use for this dish is steel wool. There are several non-abrasive sponges that work when cleaning cast iron pan grates.

When cleaning, it is important that you take your time. Make sure to rub steel wool over food debris. Remember to resist the urge to press down to remove grime. That’s because pressing too hard can cause scratching. This will open doors to rusting.

Experts recommend that you line your sink with towels when cleaning your cast iron pan. This can prevent scratches on the pan’s bottom and sides.

Should you use soap when cleaning cast iron? Contrary to popular belief, using soap in your cast iron will not ruin it. But it is best that you avoid it altogether if you can. You see, over time soap can remove the oils that help create a smooth cooking surface. Moreover, soap does not clean as well as using a natural salt-based scrub.

But if you decide to use soap, make sure to re-oil your cast iron and dry it. Keep in mind that leaving water droplets to dry will cause rust spots to appear on the surface of your cast iron.

How To Dry Your Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron is susceptible to rust. Because of that, it is crucial to remember the following:
  • Never let your cast iron pan drip dry.
  • Never leave water sitting in the cast iron pan.
  • Never store your cast iron pan with a lid sitting on top

These actions can cause moisture to seep into your cast iron pan. It can also cause rusting. The best way to dry your cast iron pan is to ensure that all water evaporates from it before storing it.

Once your cast iron pan is clean, make sure to place it on top of your stove. You can also place it in your oven and turn up the heat. If you’re using the oven, set the temperature to 350 degrees. The drying process usually takes up to an hour before all the water evaporates. Make sure to remove your pan from the oven and allow it to cool for a few minutes. After that, season it.

Keep in mind that the season of your cast iron pan is a vital part of ensuring its longevity. It helps to create a non-stick element on your cast iron pan when cooking. Moreover, since there is no extra coating with cast iron, it is vital you re-season your pan now and again. Do this especially when you notice foods are beginning to stick.

Seasoning your cast iron pan also makes cleaning it less stressful. It is also more effective. That’s because natural oils coating the pan will allow you to remove food residue easier.

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