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How To Clean Couch Cushions?

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Learning how to clean couch cushions is a must. However, only a few are aware of how to do it right. This is what this post is all about. 

Your couches are one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. Your family and guests use it, and just imagine the accumulated dirt and stains over time. You might find food crumbs, spilled liquid stains, dirty smudge marks, and the like. If you live with children and have pets, we guarantee that your couch will get dirty fast. Let’s not forget the odor trapped in upholsteries. It’s probably clear right now that your couch needs some deep cleaning once in a while. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Couch Cushions? 

Generally, you need to deep clean your couch cushions every six months. But this still depends on how often you use your couch and how prone it is to stains and dirt. For example, if you have high traffic in your living room, then it’s recommended that you clean your couch more frequently.  

We also recommend that you vacuum your couch cushions at least every month so you can remove the dirt and dust. Don’t forget to do the sides and the area underneath your cushions too. Flip your cushions each month so they last longer. If you do not have a vacuum, an alternative is to take your cushions out and shake them thoroughly. 

Things You Need When Cleaning Your Couch Cushions

If you decide to clean your cushions on your own, here’s a quick list of things you need to prepare. 

  • Mild detergent 
  • Lukewarm water 
  • Spray bottle 
  • Soft brush or sponge 
  • Dry cloths

Steps in Cleaning Couch Cushions 

If you’re ready to clean now check out the steps below. 

Create Your Own Cleaning Solution 

There are available cleaning solutions in department stores and you can use that if you want to. But creating your own is not hard so you might want to take this option instead. Just mix ¼ teaspoon of mild detergent and one cup of lukewarm water. Place the solution in a spray bottle. 

Remove Loose Dirt 

If there is loose dirt on your couch cushion, brush it first. For spills, use a clean and dry cloth for dabbing. 

Clean Your Cushion 

Check your cushion cover and use your cloth for blotting the affected area. Remember not to brush or scrub. Instead, blot it. When you scrub your couch, the stain might go deeper and it will be harder to remove it. 

If your cushion has a removable cover, unzip it and wash the covers separately. 

Rinse The Couch 

You can now remove the soap residue with water. Light rinse will do it. Use a clean cloth to blot the excess moisture. Once done, air dry and repeat the steps when necessary. 

Cleaning a Fabric Couch 

You can clean a fabric couch by brushing it off first using a hand towel. Get your baking soda and sprinkle the whole couch. Let it sit for 20 minutes to one hour. Once done, you can vacuum the couch to remove the baking soda. 

Make your own cleaner for the stains using dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and warm water. Spray the solution on a white cloth and dab on the stains. 

Cleaning a Microfiber Couch 

Rubbing alcohol is good enough for cleaning microfiber couches. Spray the affected area and scrub in a circular motion using a light-colored sponge. You can also use distilled water for water stains.  

Using Bleach for Cleaning Your Couch Cushion 

Bleach is generally not recommended for couch cushions so if you are thinking of using it, check the cleaning tags first to see if it is an appropriate cleaner to use. If it is okay, here’s how you can clean your cushions with bleach. 

Create a solution using one cup of bleach and ¼ cup of mild soap in a gallon of water. With a spray bottle, apply the solution to the affected area and wait for 15 minutes. Lightly scrub the area using a sponge or cloth. Work from the outside in to avoid having the stain spread. Rinse lightly and air-dry. Make sure that the cleaning solution is completely rinsed from the fabric. 

The Importance of Spot Test When Cleaning Your Couch Cushion 

Before you clean the larger area of your couch cushion, it’s best to have a spot test. This ensures that your couch will not get damaged due to wrong cleaning techniques and solutions. When you do a spot test, try it in an area that is not visible to most people. 

There are also pre-wash stain removers that are perfect for heavily soiled cushions. You can use these as well but be observant of their effects. 

Check the Manufacturer’s Suggestions for Cleaning   

More often than not, couches have a cleaning tag. Don’t forget to check it first and know what the cleaning symbols mean. Here’s a guide that can help you. 


  • S – Do not use water. Instead, use a solvent-based cleaner. 
  • W – You can use water for cleaning. 
  • WS – You can use either water or solvent-based cleaner. 
  • X – Only vacuum the cushion. You can’t use water and solvent-based cleaners. 

Hiring Experts To Clean Your Couch 

To get the best results, you must hire professional cleaners for your couch cushions. Cleaning companies are equipped with the right tools, supplies, and knowledge to make your cushions spotless. Instead of cleaning your couch, you can do more with your time. For example, you can finish that home improvement project or spend time with your kids or pets. Plus, by hiring a professional, you can guarantee that your couch will not be accidentally damaged. Once done, you can go back and lounge on your couch again.  

Helping Hands Is Here To Save The Day! 

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is one of the leading cleaning companies in the Chicagoland area to handle all your cleaning needs. With years of experience, we provide excellent cleaning services in homes and offices. Expect your space to look, feel and smell fresh! 


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