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How to Clean Home Gym Equipment

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Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have discovered the practical use and joy of having a home gym. You can set one up in a separate room or in the corner of your living area. To keep this place a sanctuary for fitness, you’ll have to keep it clean all the time. Read on to learn effective tips on how to clean home gym equipment.

Is It Necessary to Clean Your Home Gym Equipment?

It is crucial to keep your home gym equipment clean and tidy. Even if the only people using your home gym are you and your family. You don’t want bacteria, germs, and viruses lurking on your equipment.

Areas with sweaty, damp, and warm conditions are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Especially if your home does not have any commercial air systems and filters. These bacteria include E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus, and streptococcal bacteria. When they spread, they can cause illnesses and infections.

Take note that the bacteria from the outside world gather and grow on your home gym equipment. As you go about your day, you’re accumulating germs everywhere. These germs live on your body throughout the day. Then, they can transfer to your equipment every time you work out.

Remember, bacteria love exercise machines. So without proper cleaning, they will become home to bacterial invaders.

Most gym machines come equipped with a heart tracker. This is to track your heart rate and level of activity. The heart tracker usually works via pulse sensors often found on support bars or moving arm bars. Any interference between the skin and the sensor can skew the sensor’s responses.

Dirt and oils on your hand can rub off onto your gym machine. They can interfere with your equipment’s ability to detect your heart rate. This will result in your machine failing to give an accurate reading. Cleaning your machine’s handlebars is also a must. To increase your gym machine’s longevity, make sure to get rid of any unnecessary dirt, bacteria, and interference. 

Best Means How to Clean Home Gym Equipment

Every fitness buff knows that a home gym is an expensive luxury. You spent a lot of your money building your personal gym at your house, so you must take care of it. Make sure that the gym equipment you have lasts as long as possible.

An exercise machine should last anywhere between seven and 12 years. But if you do not clean it and give it proper maintenance, it could fall short of its lifespan.

Sweat and dust that accumulate on your gym machines may cause your gym equipment to erode. For instance, sweat speeds up rust, damaging the metal components of your machines over time. It also contributes to brake pads and tracks deterioration. 

Here are some of the effective ways how to clean home gym equipment:

● Cleaning your exercise or yoga mat

After using your mat, make sure to mist its entire surface. You can use a mild all-purpose spray cleaner. Then, wipe the mat using a dry microfiber or lint-free cloth. It’s best to air dry your mat before storing it away. 

● Cleaning cardio equipment

Make sure you regularly wipe down your cardio equipment after every use. This includes treadmills, rowing machines, and bikes. This will keep sweat, hair, dust, and other pollutants from building up on your machine. People often find this a drag, but you only need to wipe your machine down with a dry microfiber cloth to improve its performance and longevity.

● Sanitizing free weights and benches

You can sanitize your free weights and benches by wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe. Do this after every use. Before using them again, ensure they are dry because the cleanser needs time to kill the bacteria. Moreover, it can make your free weights and benches a bit slippery.

● Cleaning your resistance bands

Take note that resistance bands are harder to clean. That’s because they flop and stretch. Moreover, most cleaning solutions can deteriorate the material of the resistance bands.

The best way to clean resistance bands is to dip them into warm water after your workout. Add a couple of drops of mild dish soap to warm water. Then, swish your bands around for a few seconds. After that, rinse them with warm water and let them air dry. Make sure not to put them in the sun to dry. That’s because sunlight can also deteriorate the material of your resistance bands.

Do you use your resistance bands in the pool? If you do, you should rinse the chlorinated water immediately to avoid the chlorine eating away at your bands.

● Cleaning foam rollers

Like with your yoga mats, you can wipe down your foam rollers. Keep in mind that submerging them in water is not a viable option. That’s because they can retain moisture. You don’t want bacterial colonies sprouting inside your foam roller.

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