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Window Cleaning: An Effective Guide on How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

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The right windows can add style and value to your house. Keeping them clean will give your home an extra beautiful aesthetic. But having clean windows goes beyond beautifying your house.

Regular window cleaning has perks that benefit both you and your home. This article will tell you why you should do regular window cleaning. It will also provide effective tips on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

Efficient Ways on How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Grimy windows can limit the amount of sunlight that fills a space in your house. Especially during short winter days.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only help keep your windows looking great. It can also prevent window damage and protect indoor air quality. It can maintain your home’s energy efficiency levels as well. That’s why it’s recommended to clean the windows every few months. That is if you want optimal performance.

The process of cleaning windows is easy enough. But how about the hard-to-reach areas of outside windows?

Before you begin your window-cleaning mission, you should prepare your cleaning supplies first. The tools you need for cleaning the windows  include the following:

  • Good quality squeegee
  • Scrubbing pads (nylon is preferable)
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Lint cloth
  • Special brushes you can use to clean window tracks
  • Long-handled brush with attached hose

Keep in mind that when you’re outside window cleaning, you should do it as you would your ground-floor ones. Especially if you’re cleaning your higher-up windows. That means applying a window cleaning solution.

Here are some of the effective ways how to clean outside windows you can’t reach:

● Using a Ladder

Many people are afraid to use ladders when they clean the outside of their windows. After all, it is difficult to work at any height for a long time. Especially without any safety harnesses.

Are you confident enough to use a ladder? If you are, make sure it is in perfect condition and in working order. You should also check if the weather outside seems okay. You should not use a ladder when there’s heavy rain, constant lightning or snow, or hailstorms. You should also refrain from climbing a ladder that is placed on rough terrain.

Can you reach a window and clean it while sitting on a table? You might want to do that to make it easier and safer for you.

● Using a Cleaning Kit

Do you want the simplest and fastest way to clean the outside window? You might want to get yourself a full-fledged window washing kit. It will spare you from researching how to clean outside windows. It will also help you get started with the cleaning process.

A cleaning kit is a great option if you want to begin as soon as possible.

● Using a Wiper Cleaner

A wiper cleaner is an effective tool to clean difficult areas of the outside windows. A wiper cleaner for windows comes with an elongated stick. There is also a hose integrated into it.

● Using a Window Vacuum Cleaner

Window vacuum cleaners can squeeze all the dirt, dust, and fine particles. Especially those stuck on your window and its frames. It gives your windows a streak-less finish. You can use a window vacuum cleaner for clearing moisture from windows as well.

● Using an Extendable Window Cleaner

An extendable window cleaner is an excellent product to clean your windows. Especially if you’re planning to clean hard-to-reach areas of your window. 

This cleaning tool has an extendable twist and lock handle. This window cleaner has a runner blade on one side and a foam sponge on the other side. This can help you reach the hard-to-reach areas of your outside windows. This ensures that you get a successful 360-degree clean-out operation.

● Using a Magnetic Window Cleaner

Keep in mind that there are areas that are beyond the access of your extendable window cleaner. A magnetic window cleaner can help you solve this issue. This tool is a clever cleaning device. It is also one of the most secure ways to scour both sides of your windows. Especially those that are broader than your arm’s length.

You can clean the entire outside window using this tool without having a need to go outside.

● Using a Mop with a Large Stick

One of the integral parts of a window cleaning kit is a mop with a large stick. This cleaning tool is instrumental in reaching and scrubbing tall houses or buildings. This is also an effective tool to clean challenging areas in the outside windows.

● Using Tech Products

Are you a tech-savvy person? You can find several high-end products in the market nowadays. These tools can make your outside window cleaning easy and secure. One of which is water-fed poles. These are the next-generation smart solutions for window cleaning. That’s because they are not only lightweight. They are easier to operate as well.

● Hiring a Window Cleaning Professional

Are you bothered about how to clean challenging windows but you don’t have time to clean them? Your best option is to recruit a professional to do the job on your behalf. When hiring one, you should find a reputable cleaning service provider. Especially one that suits your budget and needs.

Looking to hire professional cleaners to clean your house monthly? You can hire a team of trained cleaners from Helping Hands Cleaning Services. We offer house cleaning, office cleaning, and commercial cleaning services. Our other services also include move-in, move-out cleaning, and Covid-19 coronavirus sanitizing. For inquiries, you can call us at (630) 530-1324 or you can reach us through this line here.

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