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How to Organize Office Supplies in Your Home Work Space

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The idea of working from home wasn’t a popular one before 2020. As a matter of fact, only six percent of Americans did remote work pre-pandemic. COVID-19 changed that almost overnight. Now 43% of employees are working from home. The trend might even become permanent as more people prefer to work from home.

There are many benefits to working from home. Many people are happy to give up commuting. They also love having a flexible schedule and spending more time with their family. Working from home is also more comfortable and affordable. Many remote workers say they’re more productive and finish tasks faster.

There are disadvantages of course. The lack of a good workspace can be stressful. It’s why having your own home office or workspace is a must. There’s also the issue of space and organization. Many people working from home have limited space. It might not be enough for all the equipment and office supplies you use.

It’s a good thing you can learn how to organize office supplies. You’ll need careful planning and some creativity though. These tips can assist you in building an ideal work area that will boost your productivity.

Decide What Goes in the Space

You need to decide what should be in your home office or space. This step is critical for two reasons. First, you want to make the most of your limited area. Second, you also don’t want this space to be a dumping ground for bills or children’s toys. You can place items that inspire you but keep other home stuff away.

Set Up Zones

You can make your home office more efficient if you divide it into three zones. The first zone is the space you’ll use often. This is where your table and laptop will be. Place things you’ll use every day in this area as well. This includes your folders, files, and books. The second zone should be accessible but out of the way. Place the books, documents, and equipment you seldom use here. The last zone is where you’ll place your office supplies and equipment. Make sure it’s in an out-of-the-way spot. Setting up zones will make office cleaning go faster.

Think of Your Tech

Technology is now an intrinsic part of every job and office. Even a home office will have some equipment or two. You need to come up with a space for them. A laptop fits on any desk or table. But a scanner and printer need something more. You should place them near you if you use them often. If not, store them in a cabinet. They’ll be accessible but won’t take up space.

You should also think about how to keep your gadgets organized. Boxes with lids are good for storing chargers and other accessories when they’re not in use. Cable ties will ensure no one trips over cords.

Invest in Open Shelves

Open shelving is a great addition to any room or home office. It opens up the space and isn’t bulky like a cabinet. Open shelves make it easier to access what you need. But don’t stack your stuff on the shelves. Use a basket or a nice bin to store office supplies. They’re in plain sight but in pretty packaging. You can find tons of great-looking bins in all shapes and sizes in department stores.

Make Use of Every Available Space

Take advantage of every space you have. A multi-tiered desk is great for compact spaces. Make the most of the walls. Use a peg board to hang hooks and other items. You can even place adjustable shelves on it. Drill in some hooks on the wall and hang space-saving bins.

Don’t forget the space above the door or windows. They’re a great place to add shelves. You can use them for displaying books and other treasured knick-knacks. You can even put a plant or three to make your work area feel fresh.

Color Code and Label Everything

There’s no sense in decluttering and organizing your space if you can’t remember where everything is. You can make life easier with a little color coding. Invest in sturdy filing cabinets and color code them. For example, a red cabinet could be for important documents. A wooden cabinet or a light-colored one could be for old documents that you still need.

Labeling is also one of the tricks every organizing guru uses. Adding labels to boxes and tins will tell you what each one holds. You won’t waste time opening bins looking for printer paper or a binder. Don’t label boxes and bins with a colored marker either. Be creative. Make the labels part of your office’s design. You can use magnets or small corkboards. Use photos or stickers.

Get Inspired and Look for New Ideas

No two home office is alike, so a solution that worked for your friend might not work for you. Look for inspiration and ideas that you can adapt. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. Check out magazines and design shows. Make a mood and idea board. It will help you define your style and space.

Helping You Keep Things Organized

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