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How to Wash a Pillow Based on Its Type

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Pillows are one of the most used, and useful, things in our home. They help us sleep well. They make our chairs and sofas more comfortable. They are also great decorative accents.

While pillows are important, we often forget that they need washing too. Most people focus on pillowcases. These are often changed every week. But even with pillowcases providing some protection, pillows still do get dirty.

There’s only one reason to wash your pillows, and that’s your health. We use our pillows every day. We lay our heads on them. Sometimes we bury our faces in them. What we don’t realize is we sweat on them. All the allergens, dust, and bacteria from our hair and head fall on them. They will also attract dust mites. So if you want to prevent an allergy attack, you should give your pillows a thorough cleaning.

You’ll know it’s time to clean your pillows if they start to turn yellow. You should also look for streaks of dirt or sweat. But as a rule, you should toss them in the laundry every three to six months.

Washing your pillows should be part of your regular house cleaning. This article will tell you how to wash a pillow the right way.

Steps to Washing Pillows Using a Washing Machine

You can wash most of your pillows in the washing machine. But it’s still best to check the care label and make sure. There should be a tag that confirms the item can be machine washed. You should then do the following:

  • Add warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Use the gentle cycle to clean the pillow.
  • Discard the soapy water.
  • Add cold water this time around. Choose the rinse and spin cycle.
  • Tumble dry pillows using low heat.

A front-loading machine is the best for laundering pillows. A top-loading one without an agitator works well too. It’s the agitator that you should avoid as it can become damaged. If your washing machine has an agitator, launder two pillows at the same time. Place them in a vertical position so they won’t lose their shape or become clumpy.

Best Way to Wash a Pillow by Hand

Some pillows are too sensitive or fragile. For example, a memory foam pillow will lose its special qualities if you use a washing machine. This type of pillow should be hand washed. Here’s how you do it:

  • Fill the sink or a tub with warm water. The water level should be enough to cover the entire pillow.
  • Add one tablespoon of liquid clothes detergent per pillow. Mix it in the water so it’s spread well.
  • Place the pillow in the water. Let the detergent soak in.
  • Massage and squeeze parts of the pillow in turns. This will loosen the dirt and let the water seep through every layer.
  • Take it out of the soapy water once you’ve given it a thorough massage.
  • Rinse with another tubful of clean fresh water. Continue to massage and squeeze the pillow to get rid of the soap suds. This could be a long process as you’ll have to rinse the pillow several times. Watch the water running out of it. The rinsing is often done if the water is clear of suds.
  • Towel off as much of the water as you can. Let it dry outside under the sun. Make sure it’s no longer damp before you use it again.

How to Wash a Synthetic or Polyester Pillow

This type of pillow is durable and retains its shape well. You can wash polyester pillows in a washing machine. But you can also hand wash them if you like.

  • Put the pillow in the washing machine. It’s best to wash two pillows at the same time if you’re using a top load model. Place one pillow on each side. This will ensure the weight on each side is even.
  • Fill the machine with hot water.
  • Add one tablespoon each of baking soda, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Place the pillows straight into the dryer. Select the medium heat setting.
  • Add at least two wool dryer balls if you have some. They will help dry the pillows faster.

How to Wash Down and Feather Pillows

You can also put feather pillows in the washing machine. But it’s best to read the label first. Some might have to be dry washed. The process for washing this type of pillow is the same as synthetic ones. But you should remember these:

  • Feather or down pillows need a mild detergent.
  • You should only use cool water on these pillows. Warm water can damage them.
  • They should tumble dry on medium heat.

Follow these steps if you prefer to wash down pillows by hand.

  • Fill a deep sink or bathtub with cold water.
  • Add one tablespoon each of baking soda, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rinse and wring out the excess water.
  • Hang it up to dry.

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