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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Clothes

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Leather clothing is a durable and adaptable complement to any outfit. They can bring a classic and beautiful touch to any ensemble. Sadly, real leather may become dry and damaged with prolonged use. Not to notice the various dirt, debris, and stains that might accumulate on the surface.

Home cleaning services in Wheaton, IL can be helpful for keeping your entire space and belongings fresh and tidy. Yet, caring for leather clothing may be a difficult undertaking. Your leather garments may survive for years and keep their original charm if properly cared for and maintained. So how do you clean and maintain your favorite leather garments? 

This post will cover the top tips for maintaining your leather clothes. Let’s get started.

Remove the Dust and Dirt 

Cleaning your leather garments on a regular basis serves as one of the most important strategies for keeping them in good condition. Dust, grime, and perspiration can build up on leather clothing, causing it to degrade over time. 

Wipe any debris or dust from the leather’s surface with a clean cloth or brush. You may also clean and moisturize the leather with a leather cleaner. While using any cleaning product, it is vital that you comply with the company’s directions. The best and easy way is to hire Helping Hands cleaning services in Itasca, IL, to clean all of your leather stuff.

Clean Your Leather Jacket

To clean your leather jacket, follow these steps:

  • Fill a basin halfway with warm water and add 2 or 3 drops of mild dish soap or white vinegar.
  • Now, take a soft cloth or sponge and dip it into the mixture. While placing the cloth on your jacket, make sure not to wet or saturate it and wring out any excess. 
  • To remove surface filth and grime, use tiny, circular strokes over the surface of the leather.
  • Next, blot the surface of the jacket with a new clean, and dry towel to remove any lingering soapy water. Let the jacket air dry completely before conditioning. 

Note: To minimize deformed shoulders, hang your jacket on a soft, cushioned hanger exposed to the air but not the sun as it dries.

Protection for Your Leather Clothing

Leather could dry out and fracture over time, causing it to lose its sheen. To avoid this, condition your leather clothing on a regular basis. Maintaining your leather clothing helps keep it smooth and supple while also preventing it from drying out.

To condition your leather clothing, first clean it as indicated above. Then, using a soft cloth, qualify a leather conditioner to the leather and rub it in a circular motion. Follow the directions on the conditioner since some may require you to keep it on for a specific length of time before wiping it off.

Clean Spills and Stains Immediately

Once you spill things on your leather garments, you must get rid of the stain or spill as soon as possible. Leather absorbs liquids fast, and if not cleaned up immediately, it can cause irreparable damage. Follow these steps:

  • Begin by blotting up any extra liquid with a clean towel to eliminate stains and spills from leather clothing. 
  • Afterward, wipe down the area using a leather cleaner. 
  • Study the cleaner’s directions carefully since some may require you to keep the cleaner on for a specific period of time before wiping it away.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Leather is susceptible to strong agents such as bleach and ammonia. These chemicals have the potential to stain or harm your leather clothing. To avoid this, stop using strong chemicals near your leather clothing. When cleaning your leather clothing, use a leather-specific cleaner.

Common household cleaners, like bleach or ammonia, should be avoided since they might be too abrasive for leather. If you must use a cleaning product that is not specially developed for leather, test it first on a tiny, inconspicuous area to ensure that it will not harm your leather clothing.

Store You Leather Clothes Properly

Leather clothes should never be folded since this might harm the patina and cause premature aging. Instead, hang leather clothing on cushioned coat hangers in a dry spot. Keep them cool and dry, away from direct sunshine. To preserve your leather clothing from dust and filth, use a dust bag or garment bag.

Storage is essential if you live in a very humid climate. Make sure it’s stored somewhere that allows air to flow. You should also store it somewhere where there is light but not direct sunshine. Instead, be sure to let your leather breathe every now and again.

Where can I find professional home cleaning services in Wheaton, IL and the surrounding area?

Where can I find professional home cleaning services in WheatonYou might want to think about sending your leather clothing to a professional cleaning if it is soiled or has a stubborn stain. A professional cleaner will have the skills and equipment to safely and properly clean your leather garments. Whether you’re located next to Cantigny Park or in another area in the city, we’re at your service.

Helping Hands house cleaning services in Itasca, IL, will assist you with all of your cleaning duties, including leather clothing cleaning, using the correct materials and solutions. We also provide a variety of cleaning services such as disinfection and move-in and move-out cleaning. We can even help with specific advice such as how to sanitize your bathroom exhaust fan or how to disinfect the hole in your toilet bottom.

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