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Fixing the Flaw: How to Clean a Hole in Your Toilet Bottom

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Have you noticed an unappealing spot forming at the base of your toilet? Is it particularly rough defying all of your efforts to remove it with a toilet brush? Many folks frequently face this problem.

It’s natural for unpleasant stains to form in the bottom of a toilet. However, the good news is they’re not impossible to remove. And we’re here to provide you with all the information you need on what to do and how to clean it correctly. Whether you hire house cleaning services in Wheaton, IL or decide to do this yourself, it can be beneficial to get familiar with the process.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to clean a hole in the bottom of your toilet. Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need To Clean the Hole in the Bottom of Your Toilet?

The siphon jet, or hole in the bottom of your toilet, is an important part of your toilet’s flushing system. Its purpose is to provide a strong suction that sucks waste from the bowl and down the drain pipe. This pore, however, can get blocked with mineral deposits, germs, and other debris over time. This can result in decreased flushing power, blockages, and unpleasant odors

As a result, keeping the hole in the bottom of your toilet clean and clear is critical to ensuring that your toilet performs correctly and maintains good hygiene.

How Stains are Formed In the Hole Toilet Bottom

Toilet bowl stains are produced by several sources, including mineral buildup from hard water, mold and mildew from moisture and a lack of air, bacteria feeding on organic waste such as urine and feces, and rust from corroded pipes

Regular cleaning with the right products and procedures is essential for stain prevention and removal. Regularly scrubbing the interior of the toilet bowl using a toilet bowl cleanser and brush will help maintain it clean and clear of stains. Besides, hiring Helping Hands cleaning services in Bloomingdale, IL, for toilet cleaning is also a great choice.

How to Clean a Hole in the Bottom of Your Toilet

Cleaning the hole at the bottom of the toilet is a straightforward task because it is part of the toilet bowl and is cleaned with it. A little work is required if the entire thing is filthy and needs to be cleaned individually. Here are a few solutions for cleaning a hole in the bottom of your toilet.

1. Use HARPIC Power (or Any Chemical With Similar Strength)

HARPIC Power (or a similar chemical of your choice) is a chemical used to remove deep stains from toilet bowls. HARPIC power is a basic household item that is virtually always used to clean the bathrooms and toilets. Here are five steps you need to follow in cleaning the toilet hole using HARPIC power.

Step 1: Dry the Toilet Bowl
The HARPIC power starts working properly when the toilet bowl is dry. When you do not use the bowl for about 2 to 3 hours and remove the water from the bowl, it will become dry.

Step 2: Pour the HARPIC Power
After drying the bowl, pour the HARPIC Power into the bottom of the toilet bowl. The amount of chemical used here is determined by whether the stains are deep or transitory.

Step 3: Wait

After applying the HARPIC power to the bowl, you should not start cleaning immediately; you should wait around an hour to start cleaning. With time, the stains will begin to remove themselves, and you will only need a small amount of work to scrub them off.

Step 4: Cleaning
Begin rubbing the toilet with the brush previously used to clean it. To clean the hole at the bottom of the toilet, use a little brush that can easily fit into the hole. This hole is tiny; some toilet brushes are large and do not fit through them. 

Step 5: Flush Out
After cleaning the toilet bowl, the final step is to flush it. Now flush the filth out of the toilet. When you flush the bowl, the stains have been eliminated. It is finally clean, lush, and ready for use.

2. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most efficient natural cleaning solutions for cleaning the siphon jet in your toilet. To utilize this approach, you must:

  • Fill the toilet bowl with one cup of baking soda, getting it as close to the siphon jet as possible.
  • Allow the two things to mingle and bubble for a few minutes after adding one cup of white vinegar to the bowl.
  • Scrub the bowl’s interior with a toilet brush, paying special attention to the siphon jet.
  • Let the paste settle for about thirty minutes in the bowl.
  • Flush the toilet and repeat the process as needed.

After this, the hole in the bottom of the toilet will be clean and seem new. But if this step is not much help, move on to the next method.

3. Bleach

Another substance that is used to clean the bottom of the bowl is bleach. Bleach is used for cleaning, and you are probably familiar with it since it is a fairly common product used for opening basins or sinks, or pipes clogged with debris.

The bleach cleaning method is the same as the HARPIC power cleaning method. After drying the surface area, add the bleach, wait a few minutes, and then begin cleaning. This method also cleans the toilet bowl and the hole in the bowl; no complicated technique is involved.

4. Coca-Cola

Because of its acid content and carbonation, Coca-Cola – or any generic brand of cola – may also be utilized for numerous cleaning and unblocking chores. If you don’t have anything else, it’s worth a shot, but doctors recommend trying other methods first because Coke is less effective than vinegar and more costly.

You may also go to the shop and get some acidic toilet bowl cleanser. This will undoubtedly remove your stains, but because it includes much stronger acids, such as hydrochloric acid, it is more hazardous to the environment. It will also injure your eyes and skin when using it without protection. As a result, only utilize it if you have no other option.

5. Lemon Juice

If you like a more pleasant aroma, you may clean your toilet’s siphon jet using lemon juice instead of vinegar. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Squeeze one lemon’s juice into the toilet bowl.
  • Add one cup of baking soda to the basin, then whisk the ingredients together until a paste forms.
  • Scrub the interior of the bowl with a toilet brush, giving focus to the siphon jet.
  • Allow the mixture to settle for about 30 minutes in the bowl.
  • Flush the toilet and repeat the process as needed.

You can also hire Helping Hands cleaning services in Bloomingdale, IL, for the cleaning task to avoid any further damage or blocking the toilet’s hole.

6. Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum to Clean the Hole

You may also use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the hole in the bottom of your toilet. A wet/dry vacuum is a strong equipment that can suck up water and debris, making it ideal for cleaning obstructions in the drain pipe of your toilet. To clean the hole at the bottom of the toilet, follow these steps:

  • To begin, set the vacuum to liquids.
  • Turn on the vacuum hose and insert it into the opening at the bottom of your toilet.
  • Allow the vacuum to suck up any debris in the drain pipe by leaving the hose in place for several minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure as needed till the siphon jet or the toilet hole is clean.
  • To verify that all debris has been gone, flush the toilet several times.

How to Clean Toilet Rim Jet Hole

Toilet rim jets are small openings beneath the rim of your toilet bowl. When you flush, water drains from the tank via the rim jet holes. Follow these steps to keep it clean.

  • When cleaning the toilet bowl jet hole, always wear protective gloves and glasses.
  • Remove any visible debris from the hole with a tiny brush or 
  • Pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the toilet bowl to dissolve any mineral deposits or buildup.
  • Allow the liquid to settle for 30 minutes before scrubbing the hole with the brush.
  • Reconnect the water supply and flush the toilet.
  • To maintain the jet hole, repeat this step every several months.
  • Call a skilled plumber if the jet hole is significantly plugged.

How to Clean Toilet Inlet Holes

The intake holes of your toilet bowl are placed directly under the lip. Water spills from these openings when the toilet is flushed. As a result, if they become blocked, you waste a significant amount of water, which could stop the toilet from flushing. Here’s how you clean it.

  • Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet as thoroughly as possible.
  • Remove all the apparent dirt from the holes with a tiny brush.
  • Pour the vinegar and baking soda mixture into the toilet bowl, covering the input holes.
  • Allow the liquid to settle for 30 minutes before scrubbing the holes with the brush or coat hanger.
  • Reconnect the water supply and flush the toilet to confirm that the input holes are working properly.
  • Cleaning the intake holes regularly helps enhance water flow and avoid blocks.

Where do I find expert house cleaning services in Wheaton, IL?

How to Clean Toilet Rim Jet HoleYou can hire Helping Hands house cleaning services in Bloomingdale, IL, for deep cleaning of bathrooms and toilets. Our services include disinfecting services, so we will disinfect your whole toilet and the bathroom and clean your house. You’re free to relax while we work away. A visit to DuPage County Historical Museum or a nice walk can make your day better. You can return to a fully sanitized home and enjoy your fresh and tidy space.

Our pros can assist you with a variety of housekeeping tasks, from telling you what to use to maintain your leather belongings to helping you disinfect your bathroom fan. Check our Reviews from previous clients and read out the FAQs for any questions. You can request a quote by clicking here OR contacting us at (630) 530-1324.

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