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How to Clean Lamps and Lamp Shades

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As household chores go, lamp and lampshade cleaning is a frequently overlooked task in many homes. If you haven’t looked at your lampshades in a while, you might not realize how dingy or dirty they’ve grown because you see them every day.

It’s time to see the light if you haven’t recently considered cleaning the lamps and lampshades in your house. Even the most beautiful light can be dulled by a layer of dust. So, how can you clean a lamp and its shades without harming them?

The easiest and most effective solution is to hire professional housekeeping services in Hinsdale, IL, to do it for you. The other way is to apply the tried-and-tested tips we have provided in the article below. Read on!

Clean the Lamp

Protect the floor with a cloth to keep dust and debris at bay, then place the lamp on top of it. Unplug the lamp, then take off the shade and unscrew the light bulb. Put the bulb in a secure location for now because it will be cleaned later.

Now, using a moist microfiber towel, clean the entire light, including the cable. Avoid getting the plug or lamp socket wet. Afterwards, rinse the microfiber cloth in a bucket of water as needed. Dry the lamp with a dry microfiber cloth after cleaning. Lastly, wipe the light bulb with a dry towel after wiping it with a moist microfiber cloth.

Clean the Lampshades

You can clean the lampshades by following the below steps.

Remove the Dust

You must first dust a lampshade. To begin, detach the lampshade and dust both the exterior and interior of it. It’s advisable to turn off the light before you start.  For fabric lampshades, use a clean temporary duster, a microfiber cloth, a sticky lint roller, or the upholstery brush attachment on a hoover.

If you have lampshades, you may have noticed that the oils on your hands or residue from hand creams or cleaning agents has readily stained these shades; you may begin dusting with a simple microfiber cloth. Unplug the lamp and remove the plastic or glass shade for plastic or glass shades. After that, wipe away any loose dust from both sides of the lampshade using a dry microfiber towel.

Cleaning Yellowed or Stained Fabric Lampshades

If you have a soiled or yellowing cloth lampshade, wash it to bring it back to its original form. Fill a deep basin or bathtub halfway with warm water and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing solution or laundry detergent to clean a dirty fabric lampshade. Use a detergent that contains oxygen bleach for enhanced whitening.

Then, immerse the fabric lampshade in water for a few minutes. Wipe the lampshade clean from top to bottom with a sponge dipped in warm, soapy water. Scrub the stained spots with a gentle brush. Refill the washbasin and repeat the process until the shade is clean. Finally, dry the lampshade with a towel and set it outside or under a fan.

Cleaning Paper Lampshades

Paper and parchment lampshades can’t be soaked with water because it will damage them. Therefore, they must be cleaned differently than fabric lampshades. First, dust the shade from top to bottom, both interior and exterior, including the reflector bowl. If there are any bug spots or stains, rub them away with an art gum rubber. 

To avoid damage, always use a soft touch and hold the lampshade by using your other hand. However, the best option to clean the lamps and the lampshades is to hire Helping Hands house cleaners in Hinsdale, IL. These items are very sensitive and damaged by small mistakes, so a professional touch is extremely useful.

Cleaning Glass Lampshades

Fill a big sink halfway with lukewarm water and sprinkle with dishwashing liquid. Using a microfiber cloth or sponge, gently hand wash the interior and exterior of the lampshade. 

To prevent scratching or damaging a printed design, do not scrub or use harsh cleaners on the shade. Rinse the lampshade thoroughly with lukewarm water. To dry the shade, use a dry microfiber towel. When dry, replace it on the light base.

Cleaning Greasy Shades

If the lamp is oily, add 1 cup (240 mL) of white vinegar to the water. Pour the vinegar into your tub or washbasin after measuring it out. Next, using your hand, combine it with the water. This will aid in the removal of grease stains from your lamp. This works especially well on glass, fiberglass, and plastic lampshades that collect grease when handled.

Clean your lampshades only with white vinegar. Soak your lampshade in water for 10 minutes. Slowly lower the lampshade into the water. When your lampshade soaks, sometimes move it across the water to help remove dirt and dust. Afterwards, rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry.

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