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Hacks on How to Get Pet Hair Off Couch and Other Furniture

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Humanity has never been without pets. Archeologists say that pet ownership began 12,000 years ago, and it still continues to this day. 33% of households around the world own pets. In the US, around 85 million families are pet owners.

There are many benefits to having a pet. They help reduce stress and improve your mood. Studies show that spending a few hours with your fur baby increases your levels of oxytocin. It’s what we call the love hormone. Walking your dog or playing with your cat is also good exercise. They’re also a great way to meet new people. Many people also feel safer when they have a dog in their home.

A downside to having pets is the fur. It’s normal to see dog or cat hair in the house of pet owners. While pet hair is annoying, it can also lead to health problems. Pet hair can trigger an asthma attack or cause allergies. Your pet baby’s fur could bring in deadly bacteria and parasites from outdoors.

You can prevent the spread of bacteria by washing your hands after playing with your pet. Regular house cleaning on your end also works. Deworming and flea treatments also mitigate the risks of getting infected with parasites.

The challenge is how to cope with the fur shedding that’s a regular part of being a pet owner. The good news is you have many options on this front. Here’s how to get pet hair off the couch and other furniture.

Use the Rubber Glove Hack

A latex rubber glove can be your best friend when it comes to getting pet hair off the couch. You won’t have any problems buying a reusable, all-purpose latex glove at any supermarket. Vinyl gloves will also work.

Once you have your gloves of choice, you put them on and brush them along the couch’s surface. It will act like a boom and collect the hair in a pile. It will take a few swipes to clear one area of your sofa of pet hair. You can also use this technique to remove animal hair from lampshades. It also works with bedcovers and fabric surfaces.

There’s a sound scientific explanation behind this hack. Pet fur has an electric charge. Wiping the rubber glove on the couch disrupts that charge. But it creates a static charge on the glove that allows the hair to cling to it instead.

Spray it Off

Another fuss-free way of getting rid of pet hair is to use an anti-static spray. Spray it on the couch, the chair, or the drapes. Let it dry. It will be easier to brush out or vacuum the lint or fur then. You can also use regular hair spray if you can’t find an anti-static product. What’s the secret to these sprays? They make the fur thicker. It becomes easier to remove then.

You can also make your own spray mixture. Combine water and a drop or two of fabric softener. Spray the mix on the upholstery. The fur will be easy to wipe off with a clean cloth.

Get a Good Lint Roller

Simple solutions can be the best ones. A lint roller is effective when it comes to hair, be it human, feline, or canine. This handheld roller is a favorite because it is compact and portable. The tape on its end causes fur, hair, and dirt to stick to the roller. Rolling it backward and forwards will ensure you get most of the hair and lint out. It’s a simple matter to unroll the tape and detach it from the roller. You can then attach a fresh tape and start the process again.

The downside to a lint roller is its size. Most rollers won’t be able to get into small spaces, like the creases in the arms. There’s a practical solution to this dilemma, and it is tape. Use whatever sticky tape you have at home, whether it’s duct tape or masking tape. Cut a large piece and press the sticky side on the crease. You’ll have to do this a few times to get all the lint and hair out.

Pet Hair Hacks for Floors

Shedding is the price many pet owners are willing to pay for their beloved pets. You can expect the fur to also end up on the floor. You have to use different techniques for various flooring materials.

  • You can scrape a pumice stone along the surface of your carpet. Do this with a light touch. Any pet hair will become gathered up. You should also invest in a de-shedding comb for your dog’s undercoat. Buy two. One for your dog, and one to scrape up the hair on the carpet.
  • A microfiber dry mop or an electrostatic mop is also a good buy if you have hardwood flooring. It also works well with bare floors or laminates. The mop will push the hair in one spot. Vacuums will blow it all over the room.
  • For serious shedding, you might have to bring out the big guns. You’ll need a specialized pet vacuum. Look for one with a HEPA filter and a very strong suction.

Deal with Shedding the Easy way

A houseful of pets and pet hair is not a problem with Helping Hands Cleaning Services. We are your best chance at having a clean and organized home or office. We have a strong and reliable team of cleaners available at any time. They’re well-trained and always follow standard health protocols. We offer commercial and office cleaning. We also do move-in move-out cleaning and Covid 19 corona virus sanitizing. You can reach us at (630) 530-1324 or at

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