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How to Get Rid of Dust: Cleaning Hacks You Should Try

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Dust has been a problem since time immemorial. These minuscule particles of dirt and pollen can get anywhere. We also produce dust when we shed skin and hair. It’s the same with our beloved pets.

The problem is dust can get inside our lungs and trigger allergies. It also coats every surface in our home and office. This makes our living spaces look unhygienic and ugly.

Dust might be inevitable but it’s not permanent. There are many things we can do to prevent or cut its intrusion into our lives. It’s also easy to learn how to get rid of dust. Here’s a short list of methods you can try.

Put Down That Feather Duster

The right tools will make any job go faster and smoother. The feather duster has always been popular. But it’s not the best tool for this job. It actually hinders it. Instead of removing dust from the surfaces in your home, it spreads it.

You’ll achieve better results if you use a microfiber cloth. The fine fibers of the cloth pick up 99% of dust particles. You can also use a damp cleaning rag or an electrostatic duster. The latter is also very effective as it uses static electricity to pick up particles.

Make Use of Gravity

House cleaning requires strategy. You need a method of attacking dirt. The best way to do this is to use gravity. Work your way from the top. Clean the top levels and work your way down. Dust also clings to ceilings, which is why you should start there. Then move to the walls. The dust will fall and settle to the lower levels as you work. It’s why the floor is the last thing to become cleaned.

Decluttering Helps

There’s one thing many people don’t realize. The amount of knick-knacks they have is in direct proportion to the amount of dirt. It’s because every single thing in your home catches dust. Picture frames, books, and even plants collect dust. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep your home dust free.

It’s why you should declutter on a regular basis. Get rid of broken items or those that don’t fit your aesthetic anymore. You’ll have an easier time cleaning if you do. You should also try to keep textiles on a manageable level. Throw pillows and cloth bean bags trap dust. They also create it.

Capture All Those Floating Dust

Notice those motes floating around when you open the window? Those are dust. They’re released into the air when you disturb the surface. For example, when you walk across the carpet. It can also happen when you sweep the floor or shake a pillow.

You can’t capture all the dust in your home when you vacuum or wipe down surfaces. But you can get most of it if you have an air purifier. It can reduce the number of allergens like dander and dust mites. This means fewer allergy attacks. You should invest in an excellent air purifier. Make sure it has a HEPA filter integrated into it.

Cleaning is the First Step to Healthy Living

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