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How to Properly Descale a Coffee Maker

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If you’re like most people, you love your hot coffee. You can’t just live without it! It’s what you need to start the day. However, there will come a time that you have to descale your coffee maker. The problem is, not everyone knows how to do it. And while it’s not extremely harmful, it can affect the taste of your coffee and block holes in your appliances. 

To those who consistently want to drink their lovely beverage, here are a few tips on how you can descale a coffee maker

What Does It Mean When You Descale a Coffee Maker? 

Let’s discuss hard water. Did you know that hard water has a higher mineral content? It has higher magnesium, limestone, and calcium content than soft water. And unfortunately, it builds up over time in your dishwasher, sink’s sprayer, and even your coffee maker. When we talk about descaling, this means you are removing that build-up. 

When Is the Best Time to Descale Your Coffee Maker?  

Most coffee makers have light indicators. The light will turn on whenever your machine or coffee maker needs descaling. But this doesn’t apply to older models. If you are using one, there’s no need to worry because the build-up is fairly visible. Check for chalky white residue, and that signals that it needs descaling. Another sign is if your coffee tastes a bit odd. 

You might need to do this a few times a year. But this depends on your machine itself, how often you make your coffee, and the hardness of your water. 

Step-by-Step Guide in Descaling Your Coffee Maker

Excited to do it on your own? Good thing because you don’t need experts for this. But for other cleaning requirements, Helping Hands is your best bet. 

Empty Your Coffee Maker 

You have to ensure that the carafe is thoroughly clean and empty. The grounds should be removed from the chamber. 

Create Your Own Cleaning Solution

Did you know that you can create a simple cleaning solution out of water and distilled white vinegar? Equal parts of these two should do you well, and you must fill the carafe with it. 

Pour the Solution Into the Water Chamber 

Now it’s time to fill the chamber with the water and vinegar solution. Do it until you reach its maximum capacity. . 

Run Half of a Brew Cycle 

Begin a brew cycle, turn it off midway, and let it sit for an hour. This is ideal if your machine has a bad build-up or if you haven’t cleaned your coffee maker in months. Moving forward, you should regularly descale to significantly cut the cleaning time.  

Complete the Brew Cycle 

After waiting, you can now turn on your coffee maker and let the brew cycle finish. 


You can now pour the solution and rinse the carafe thoroughly. 

Run a Water Cycle

It’s time to fill the chamber with water and run the machine. You need to repeat the process twice, but you have to cool your coffee maker in between. Your objective is to remove any vinegar smell or flavor. 

Here’s an important note if you want to reduce the risks of having build-up. Use bottled or spring water and ditch the softened and distilled water when making coffee. 

When to Replace Your Coffee Maker? 

Sometimes, it makes more sense to buy a new coffee maker. The obvious reason is if it stops working. But you can also replace it if you want your coffee to taste different. Another reason is if you need a bigger one and if the pods are difficult to find. 

If the problem is just the build-up, the solution is just to descale. 

Where Can You Use Your Old Coffee Grounds? 

Since we’re already talking about coffee, you might want to reuse your old coffee grounds and practice sustainable living. Here are a few ideas to choose from: 

  • Fertilizer for your plants 
  • Repel insects and other pests
  • Exfoliate your skin 
  • Neutralize Odors 
  • Scour your pans 
  • Reduce the appearance of your cellulite 

Get Helping Hands To Clean Your Home 

If you want your home to be sparkly clean, we offer professional cleaning service. Helping Hands has one of the best teams to do the toughest jobs you want to avoid. 

Call (630) 530-1324 for appointments or if you want to know more of our services. Our friendly representatives will gladly respond to you immediately.

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