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How Often Do Household Walls Need Cleaning and How to Do It

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When was the last time you cleaned the walls in your home? If it has been awhile, you’re in good company as most people don’t pay attention to their walls since their viewed as more functional than decorative. It could also be because the walls are covered with drapes or wallpapers so their not considered to be part of the cleaning routine.

How Often Do Household Walls Need Cleaning?

Homeowners have to pay attention to their home’s walls. Dust gets on everything, including walls. A dirty wall takes away from the beauty of your home. Plus, messy homes often lead to illness. So when should we clean the walls?

Design experts say you should clean the walls at least once a year. But this can change depending on how fast your walls become dirty. There are lots of factors that impact the state of your home’s walls. For example, you might have to clean the walls every two months or so if you have pets and children. Kids can leave fingerprints while pets do tend to climb or scratch walls.

Houses in areas with high pollen counts might also need more frequent cleaning. It’s also a good idea to clean the walls every quarter if you suffer from allergies. Some households even clean their walls three times a month. This will ensure the air in the home remains fresh. You don’t have to clean the entire wall area every time though. Some spot cleaning can be enough.

Here’s a little tip. Ensure you include the walls when you do a general house cleaning for spring and fall. That should be enough to keep your walls in good condition throughout the year.

Top Tips for Wall Cleaning

Many people don’t like cleaning walls. It’s quite a strenuous job, especially if you’ve gone years without cleaning it. But there are some things commercial cleaning companies do to make the job easier.

· Use a long-handled mop

Many people use this or a long-handled brush to clean shower stalls. You can also use it on the rest of your home’s walls. Make sure you use a mop with a fabric head. One with soft bristles is also good. The long handle ensures you can reach high places without having to get a ladder.

· Vacuum first before washing

You need to clear as much dust and dirt off the walls. This will make the washing process go faster. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with dirt streaks as you clean. Many housekeepers also dust and vacuum the walls when they clean. This helps keep the walls clean longer. You could even get away with not washing them for six months.

· Simple cleaning solutions work best

You don’t have to buy brand-name cleaners. You can mix several drops of dishwashing soap in warm water. Spray it on a soft, clean sponge or microfiber cloth. Wipe down the wall and rinse.

· Mind the finish

Not all wall finishes are equal. Walls with some sheen are easy to wipe clean. Surfaces with a flat finish need more care. You don’t want to wipe off the paint with dirt. The same goes for walls with textures or wallpaper.

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