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How To Get Rid of Rust

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Let’s now figure out how you can get rid of rust. 

Rust has different descriptions. For most, it is the reddish-brown or sometimes orange-brown flaky coat you see on metals. It is caused by either corrosion and/or oxidation of metals like steel, etc. Rust as a color gives a cozy vibe because of its warm and neutral hue, but seeing rust build up, staining and ruining your fixtures can be unnerving and unsightly. 

When not treated immediately, it can leave an ugly stain on your fixtures. So it is essential to take action on the first sign to prevent it from further damaging your metals. But do not worry. Rust does not spread from metal to metal. Even if you put a new and shiny metal next to a corroded one, it will not affect the new metal. Rust will only form when metals are exposed to moisture like that from hard water. This happens especially when your metals are not rust-treated.

Can We Prevent Rusting?

Yes, it is possible to keep metals shiny forever. Since water or moisture is the ultimate culprit, you just need to keep them clean, dry, and in areas with low humidity.

There are also rust treatment products available in the market that you can apply as a protective coating to the metals. These products can easily be found on hardware shelves. They can even prevent rust from forming on metal surfaces.

But how to get rid of rust when it has already started? How do we prevent it from spreading?

Below are several tricks on how to get rid of rust in metals, chrome fixtures, etc., and even rust stains in your house.

Tips and Tricks

Check out some of these hacks and other products that can free your metal, chrome and other house fixtures from rust, bringing them again to near pristine conditions.

1. Baking Soda

Make a thick paste out of water and baking soda. Apply the paste completely on the metal, paying attention to all the rusty parts. Let it stay for about one hour before using a steel wool or steel brush to scour it and remove the rust spots. Rinse off with water and make sure to wipe it completely dry. 

2. Citric Acid

People who have tried citric acid were amazed by the result. But don’t get too excited as it can also remove coatings and even paint on your metals. You will need a container with hot water plus three tablespoons of citric acid for this to work. If you submerge the rusty metal tonight, you can scrub it off in the morning. Don’t forget to rinse off and dry.

3. White Vinegar

Add this to the long list of uses for vinegar. Give those rusty metals a good overnight soak in it. Use those muscles, steel wool or steel brush and scour the rust off. If there are still stubborn rust spots left, soak them again but longer this time. Scrub again, then wash with dish soap and water. Don’t forget to wipe and dry after. 

4. Aluminum Foil

Did you know that you can get rid of rust with a ball of aluminum foil? Dip the aluminum foil ball and gently scrub on the rusty spots. For hard to remove rust spots, try dipping the foil in soda. The carbonic acid in soda helps break rust away from metal, making it easier to remove. Finish it by polishing it with a dry cloth. 

5. Lemon/ Lime and Salt

This is like a combo punch for rust with lemon’s acidity and salt’s abrasive power. Put some salt on the rusty area then squeeze some lemon or lime on it. Let it sit for at least two hours before scrubbing with lemon or lime rind. You can always use a steel wool or steel brush for those pesky rust spots that just don’t want to let go. Always remember to rinse off and dry completely. 

6. Chemical Solutions

There are a lot of rust removers available in the market. There are even metal polish brands that can also remove surface rusts. Some people use phosphoric acid as it can dissolve rust. Just be careful if you are considering using it because it is a corrosive chemical. It can cause irritation to the skin and eyes as well. 

7. Sandpaper

Choose the appropriate grit range to remove surface rust (50-80 grit range can be used for sanding). The higher the grit range of the sandpaper, the lesser the abrasive power. After sanding, some would use 400 grit to polish the metals and bring back its shine.

8. Potato and Baking Soda/ Salt

The oxalic acid in potatoes is a key ingredient in a lot of cleaning products. This acid can dissolve rust making potatoes an excellent DIY option for rust removal. Just cut a potato in half, and scrub away. You can add baking soda or salt to the sliced potato to add some abrasive power. Do not forget to rinse and wipe it dry afterwards.

How To Remove Rust Stains On Clothes

If you’ve got rust stains on fabric, there’s no need to panic. You can just lay the clothing or fabric on an old towel and start pouring a small amount of white vinegar on the affected area. Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stain. 


Next is to expose it to sunlight and wait for the stain to fade. Once done, you can launder it immediately. If the stains are a challenge to remove, get the commercial rust removers which are usually found at hardware stores. 


For non-washable fabrics, the trick is to combine lemon juice and salt to form a thick mixture. Make sure to test it first to avoid further damage. Wait for the stain to disappear and brush the extra salt. 

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