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Steam Cleaning Wood Floors: Can You Do It Safely?

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Because of their natural beauty and durability, wood floors are an attractive option for many households. However, a wood floor is a naturally absorbent substance, and exposure to water can lead it to plump, warp, twist, and mold. 

Many kinds of steam cleaners are accessible for use on wood flooring. While some are promoted as specifically created for hardwood, others can also do the job. Still, there are frequent concerns about using these such as: Is it safe to use on wood floors?

The best way to ensure safe maintenance of your wood flooring is to opt for meticulous maid services in Oak Brook and beyond. However, staying up-to-date with the latest info is also essential to secure the best possible treatment. In this post, we’ll look at whether you can safely steam-clean wood floors

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning Wood Floor

There are various advantages to this way of maintenance, and here we’ve listed the most useful ones: 

  • First, it’s an efficient method of thoroughly taking care of wood floors without harsh chemicals that can harm the finish or the environment. Steam eliminates filth, grime, and stains while killing germs and bacteria.
  • Second, it’s a gentle and safe method. Steam’s regulated moisture content reduces the risk of warping or swelling and removes the need for excessive water consumption, which can damage the wood.
  • Third, it saves time because the heat and pressure of steam removes dirt and grime, making the process simpler and requiring less work than older techniques. 

Furthermore, steam cleaning isn’t harmful to residents with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. That’s because it efficiently eliminates allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, resulting in a healthier indoor environment.

Is Steam Cleaning Safe For Wooden Floors?

It is generally secure, but proper standards and measures must be followed to avoid accidental harm. One of the primary difficulties with this method is the moisture introduced by the steam. 

Wood is a natural substance that absorbs moisture, expands, and warps over time. Moisture can also leak into the crevices and spaces between the wood boards, causing swelling and damage. 

To ensure that it’s safe, use a steam cleaner built exclusively for hardwood floors and carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Using the device on the lowest heat setting possible is also critical to avoid leaving the steam in one location for too long. To reduce the chance of mineral residue and deposits on the surface, it’s also advised to use distilled or demineralized water. You can also hire Helping Hands professionals for deep floor cleaning.

Problems With Using Steam Cleaner On Wood Floor

There are several reasons to avoid this method on your hardwood floors, including:

  • First, the joints between the boards can be susceptible even if the wood is well-coated against moisture penetration. Although seams are originally sealed during the application of top sealers, the seal inevitably cracks when the wood creaks, moves, or shrinks with usage and weather, enabling moisture to permeate down and attack the floor from below.
  • The second issue is that steam poses a specific dilemma with hardwood. Water is a rather thick liquid. On the other hand, steam is extremely light and thin and can readily enter even hairline fissures on a surface. This enables it to travel down the side of hardwood boards or up from beneath them, attacking the floor from every susceptible point. As the vapor cools and condenses back into liquid water, moisture is left behind, which can damage wood fibers.
  • The third is that most hardwood flooring comes with a manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty. This specifies how long the floor should survive under normal conditions and promises replacement if the material breaks due to structural issues. These guarantees frequently have specific terms stating certain actions would lose their protection. Read carefully to see if steam cleaning is covered under your floor’s express guarantee.

Can You Steam Clean Your Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineered hardwood flooring is formed by gluing a thin layer of actual hardwood to a filler backing. A transparent wear coating is applied to the surface to defend the thin hardwood layer from harm. The wear layer produces an extremely hard, durable, and easy-to-clean surface while keeping the wood’s natural beauty.

These floors are prone to the same issues as steam cleaners. The wear layer normally only protects the top surface, which means that although the top is completely secure, the planks and tiles’ sides, edges, and bottom are all exposed to liquid steam. 

Because steam can affect the glues used in the bonding procedure, the risk of damage with manufactured laminate flooring is greater. The use of steam cleaning devices on laminate flooring is not recommended by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA).

Can You Steam Clean Fake Wood Floors?

Steam cleaning fake wood floors is not suggested since it can cause harm to the flooring. These floors are made of composite materials and aren’t intended to tolerate high moisture levels. 

Steam cleaning includes cleaning with hot water vapor, which can soak into the seams and edges of fake wood floors, causing them to distort, swell, or buckle. 

In addition, steam cleaning can remove the protective coating, reducing the durability and longevity of the surface. 

The moisture can also make fake wood floors slippery, creating a safety threat. Instead of steam cleaning, wipe up spills and debris with a wet towel or a solution formulated particularly for faux wood floors. 

Following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions is critical to avoid harming imitation wood floors and maintain their beauty and lifespan.

Are Steam Cleaning Floors Better Than Mopping?

YES! Steam cleaning floors is superior to regular mopping for various reasons. To begin, it uses hot water vapor, eradicating germs and bacteria without harsh chemicals, making it eco-friendly and safer for both pets and children. 

Steam also penetrates grout lines and cracks, efficiently eliminating dirt and grime that a mop cannot reach. Furthermore, It’s good on various flooring types, including tile, hardwood, and laminate, making it flexible. 

In addition, steaming leaves little residue on the floor, lowering the possibility of streaks or residual markings. It also dries rapidly, which aids in the prevention of water damage to flooring. 

This method can deliver a more complete and safe experience than standard mopping procedures.

How to Steam Clean Your Wood Floor Safely?

To guarantee safe steaming of wood floors, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your device since distinct models can have particular settings and needs. 

Avoid utilizing it with high-temperature settings, and keep the steam flowing rather than keeping it in one location for too long.

It’s also critical to inspect the state of your wood floors before starting the process. It’s advisable to avoid steam cleaning unfinished or badly sealed wood flooring. 

Also, ensure there are no cracks or holes in the wood boards where moisture might get in and cause harm.

Where can I find extensive maid services in Oak Brook?

Can You Steam Clean Your Engineered Wood FloorHelping Hands boasts professional adept technicians that will take care of all your home floors in a proper manner. Whether you’re considering buying a robot vacuum cleaner, wondering about preventive care for your office floors, or the importance of professional post-construction cleaning, you can count on our expertise.

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